Suitcase Stickers

Suitcase Stickers

These controversial stickers will draw attention to your luggage and make it easy to identify.

Caution: Airport security might not like the design of some of these clever suitcase stickers.

Air Stewardess

Air Stewardess Sticker

Air Stewardess Suitcase Sticker


Sugar Sticker

Sugar Suitcase Sticker


Money Suitcase Sticker

Cash Suitcase Sticker

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  1. hoershey

    Sugar? Ha Ha!

  2. Spanki

    Love it but i bet some customs wouldn’t lol

  3. Myself

    Odd, do they actually look real? if so, lol.

  4. cerulean

    okay, a tied up flight attendant in your suitcase is uhhh, uuummm, uhhhhhh. well, a little much. the rest of it? fine. but that? not so much.

  5. Elliott

    the 50s are backwards….

    and don’t have the right person on them…

  6. bart

    I love that they labelled the second one as Sugar. Because when you think of plain plastic packaged bags with white substance inside a suitcase, you would think “Hey, it’s probably just sugar”

  7. crazydeus

    These are all nifty, but they also scream: “We’d better check this one again.”

  8. BKAllmighty

    That’s not sugar. Try weed.

  9. Xuriks

    Since when is weed a white powder? Try again buddy, lol.

  10. ugh

    Weed seriously wow stupid people make me lose most of my hope in humanity till I return to my college

  11. AD

    That’s not sugar. Sugar is more granular. It’s obviously corn starch.

  12. Fillibert

    powdered sugar

  13. spavaroti

    Icing sugar!!!

  14. Rob

    Err, read the date of the post boys and girls!

  15. Midet

    No, you can actually buy these.

  16. Koi Koi

    Anybody know the street value for caster sugar?

  17. god

    its cocaine

  18. 0803060.e

    sugar?? its cocaine. hahaha

  19. jumanicus

    LOL the one with ther woman tied up instantly forced me into a rofling seizure xD

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