FAT Lamp by Constantin Bolimond

FAT Lamp by Constantin Bolimond

Creative lamp shaped to look like a chubby moon face that drinks electricity.

The FAT Lamp designed by Constantin Bolimond loves to sip electricity through its straw-like red cord.

Perfect for adding a light-hearted touch to your home, the FAT Lamp is a source of light and a conversation starter.

Unusual fat moon face shaped lamp invites smiles and sparks imagination.

Face Lamp

Fat Lamp’s plump, moon-like face suggests a sense of humor and charm that can lighten the atmosphere of any room.

Moon Face Lamp

FAT Lamp is a piece of art in itself, showcasing the designer’s ability to think outside the box, turning a practical item into a whimsical piece of decor.

FAT Face Lamp

Add some fun into your room with the FAT Lamp, the cheeky light fixture that loves to guzzle electricity!

FAT Lamp

Ever seen a lamp sipping on electricity? Now you can with the FAT Lamp!

Human Face Lamp

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