12 Unusual and Creative Swings

Unusual and Creative Swings

This post showcases unique swing designs and cool art projects that featured swings in unusual places.

Necklace Swing

This handmade swing will act as a jewelry piece for your home.

Necklace Swing

LED Swing

Cool outdoor or indoor swing comes with integrated LED lights.

LED Swing

Fugle Swing

Beautiful swing designed by Christina Fesmire from Brooklyn.

Fugle Swing

Skateboard Swing

Creative backyard swing made out of recycled skateboard parts.

Skateboard Swing

Modern Swing

Swing made for two people by Christian Flindt and Bodil Jerichau.

Modern Swing

Billboard Swing

Didier Faustino installed a giant metal swing set on a billboard.

Billboard Swing

Swing Chair

Outdoor swinging chair from Globo comes with a big soft cushion.

Swing Chair

Bus Stop Swing

Bruno Taylor equipped one of the bus stops in London with a swing.

Bus Stop Swing

Modern Swing Set

Unique design by Milos Todorovic hopes to attract children to playgrounds and separate them from video games and TV.

Modern Swing Set

Train Swing

Someone has installed a swing on the Bay Area Rapid Transit train.

Train Swing

Monument Swing

Art installation by Kamila Szejnochon required swing to be installed on the statue in Warsaw, Poland.

Monument Swing

Leaf Swing

Nature inspired swing designed by Veronica Martínez from Spain.

Leaf Swing

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  1. jj

    so kewlll

  2. mack

    LED swing, trippy as hell

  3. GustaveCo

    Billboard swing wins.

  4. Betty

    Monument swing best of all!

  5. PauL B

    Fully agree with Mack..epic

  6. Curtis

    I am worrying about the Monument Swing would break the hand of the status~ :(

  7. Glenn Contreras

    Necklace Swing must be uncomfortable

  8. Tuuslar

    Although not usable id think these glass swings will fit well into this collection.

  9. Art of Concept

    The monument swing looks awesome! Very cool! Art and fun all in one! :D

  10. Juzzi

    The bus stop swing may just be the greatest idea from mankind yet

  11. Kei

    The bilboard swing looks dangerous. Other than that, amazing ideas. c:

  12. zahraa

    i like the bus stop swing

  13. Cecile

    I love swings, all of these are really cool, especially the statue one!

  14. fubr

    The billboard and the bus stop are the coolest

  15. underreigns

    No one forsees bus stop swing and billboard swing leading to death? Just me?

  16. Michelle

    I so totally want to try the Train swing :] Looks like a lot of fun!

  17. pb

    love the bus stop swing and train swing! Awesome and fun!

  18. bert

    some of them seems quite dangerous…

  19. Marcus

    Thumbs up for da billboard swings…!!!

  20. ran

    seem gonna be fun trip with swing train

  21. Broken Skeleton

    Loving the LED swing. How much would it creep you out in the middle of the night!

  22. rosanna

    that would be cool to swing in the air and feel so free

  23. Darrell

    The skateboard swing looks like its just made of a single skateboard part… the skate deck. And it looks like a brand new deck, not a recycled one.
    But the bus stop swing! The billboard swing! The monument swing!! AMAAAZING!!!

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