Cutting Board with Integrated LCD Display

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display

Futuristic cutting board with LCD display designed by Marc Nardangeli.

It features flexible touchscreen LCD display that shows cooking instructions while you prepare your meal.

In addition, new recipes can be downloaded straight to the board. Furthermore, the entire board is made out of eco-friendly components to help preserve the environment.

At this time, this cutting board with integrated LCD display is just a concept. Therefore, do not expect to walk into your local store and buy one of these boards. However, as the prices of LCD screens continue to drop, we could see something like this in the future.

Digital Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 2

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 3

Cutting Board With Integrated LCD Display 4

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  1. Fred

    Great concept!

  2. luke

    you are begging to cut your fingers with this.

  3. Lawrence

    Ummmm when you’re chopping stuff on it you won’t be able to see the recipe any more.

  4. A

    Interesting idea, but 1) No cook spends their entire time in the kitchen at the cutting board – it’d be just as convenient to have a cook book or printed recipe sitting on the counter. 2) The upturned corners would get in the way of knife work all the time! 3) Wouldn’t the touch screen aspect be ruined when actually using it as a cutting board?

  5. jacob simmons

    seems like it would scratch pretty easily

  6. Josh

    That’s a horrible concept for many reasons. Am I the only one sick of seeing concepts that will never make it anyhow? Enough concepts, show us products.

  7. Sdqmkiti


  8. Autonomous Guy

    Good concept but there are many flaws.

    1. the board could (and probably would) get scratched and blur/block the LCD display
    2. the LCD display could be a distraction and cause you to cut yourself
    3. while cutting ingredients…the view of the screen would more than likely be blocked so can’t see the next step in the recipe
    4. and finally….is it waterproof?

  9. Mickster Island

    This is the cutting board preferred by Starfleet chefs.

  10. Andacar

    Just because it looks cool and futuristic doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. How many seconds would it take before a good sharp knife scratched it permanently? How do you wash it? And most of all, why?

  11. Ben

    Why not just create a scratch proof cutting board cover for existing tablets? Have different sizes for different models, just slip it in, snap a waterproof seal and start cooking! Feel free to steal this idea, I don’t mind.

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