10 Cool Modern Cutting Boards

10 Cool Modern Cutting Boards

Collection of modern cutting boards designed to make food preparation more efficient and enjoyable.

Cut and Store Cutting Board

Available in many colors, new cutting board by Joseph Joseph is equipped with a special niche on the side for your knife.

Cut and Store Cutting Board

Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board

The cutting surface easily slides open to give quick access to the tray and slides closed to conceal food waste during use.

Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board

Space Invaders Cutting Board

Cool way to remember this classic video game while making dinner.

Space Invaders Cutting Board

Encanal Carving Board

Cutting board designed by Ernest Perera. The channel in the middle makes sure that nothing falls out of the frying pan. [more]

Encanal Carving Board

Ventiquattro Cutting Board

Stylish knife and cutting board which doubles as a food container.

Ventiquattro Cutting Board

Corner Cutting Board

Large oval cutting board design by Peter Meier gives you more space for food preparation.

Corner Cutting Board

ReVital Cutting Board

Weird cutting board design by Antje Gerwien, from the University of Weimar, created for a company named ReVital.

ReVital Cutting Board

LCD Cutting Board

Futuristic cutting board by Marc Nardangeli features touchscreen LCD display that shows cooking instructions while you prepare your meal. [more]

LCD Cutting Board

ES Cutting Board

Unusual in design, this cutting board a slope that allows liquids to run freely to a collection drain from where they can be poured away easily.

ES Cutting Board

Cutting Board Scale

Cool chopping board concept design that has an integrated scale within a defined area on it’s surface.

Cutting Board Scale

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  1. yann_tiee

    woah!!!! best for someone who enjoy cooking~

  2. MONDO print

    That LCD cutting board is bad ass.

  3. kruiOne

    This is amazing. Cutting Board Scale stands out.

  4. Karen

    i love the scale one, i always need a scale… and the one with a screen doesnt seem too functional… wouldnt it scratch alot? awesome idea though..

  5. Hsoj Spillihp

    wow… yann_tiee… captain obvious. cool concepts though.

  6. Sarge

    You know I’ve used my fair share of cutting boards in my time and never once did I think “They can make these better”.

    A combination of the Love the Bamboo Appetito Cutting Board and Encanal Carving Board would be perfect!

  7. Aarti Harish

    Hi I just wish to have one Encanal Carving Board..it is a must have in my kitchen…keeps things from spilling everywhere…!!

  8. Roland Glukhov

    Wow, they’re incredible…I liked the one with LCD screen :) I imagine, if this there will be some cutting board in future, that will calculate calories, offer something for food, connect to internet, download recipes from some database )) And I also liked the one with a channel in the middle to make sure contents go right into frying pan and not on the floor :)

  9. dining sets

    The Revital Cutting board made me laugh. that would be perfect for people who are having a hard time managing their anger.

  10. Numanul Subhani

    Love the “Cutting Board Scale”… simple and innovative

  11. tech-mad

    i like the cut & store board! think it’s so efficient.

  12. elli

    very nice…

  13. gary birnie

    LCD Cutting Board cutting board has one small flaw and that is that I don’t think it would be a good idea to be looking at someting else while using a knife so close to fingers.

    Cutting Board Scale is genius.

  14. Laurie

    The ReVital one is in such poor taste. What kind of promo is that???

  15. Dan

    The LCD cutting board is ridiculous. I never understand how these “concepts” that are logistically and practically never going to be created make it onto this site. There will never even be a prototype of that ridiculous cutting board.

    Just like the pen that lets you scan your environment for ink colors (with RGB inks, no less) – amateur “concept designers” with no idea of how to actually develop a real product.

  16. lily

    lcd board is touch screen…and your going to be cutting ON the screen…makes no sense!

  17. Karin Stewart

    Scale board and one that prevents spills are really great!

  18. Jean Carvalho

    I just can picture my self cutting the LCD cutting board, seems crazy!

  19. Bob

    Awesome cutting boards!!!

  20. Sarah Gultom

    The LCD cutting board sux

  21. van

    jeez! even the cutting boards have LCDs!!

  22. emmajane

    The LCD one is amazing! I also like the bamboo one too.

  23. somebody

    i bought a chopping board from lakeland and it had a knife attached to it… thaatttt was useful!

  24. x2fr

    LCD cutting board is just plain silly and not well thought of; this is just bad integration of technology to complicate an already simple and effective product. Adding to what others already pointed out as usability problems with it is, you can’t see the screen once you’re cutting stuff on it; and because it has a “touchscreen”, inadvertent activation of the screen every time you move your fingers while cutting will just keep changing the image!

  25. ANILover

    Cutting Board Scale is #1!!!!!!

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