Gadgets and Designs made from Chocolate

Gadgets and Designs made from Chocolate

Collection of creative edible gadgets and designs made from chocolate.

Chocolate Mail Stamps

A set of 24 first class stamps that are designed to look like a bar of chocolate, packaged as an envelope.

Chocolate Mail Stamps

Chocolate Nike Sneakers

Delicious miniature milk and chocolate shoes were created for the 25th anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1.

Chocolate Nike Sneakers

Chocolate Typeface

Delicious looking typeface made out of chocolate.

Chocolate Typeface

Chocolate Typeface 2

Chocolate Nail

One of the projects made during a workshop with Florence Doléac, Olivier Sidet and Ronan Bouroullec.

Chocolate Nail

Chocolate Shoe

Renowned British chocolatier Gerard Coleman created this gorgeous chocolate shoe for a department store show in Tokyo.

Chocolate Shoe

Chocolate Swiss Knife

Featuring the Victorinox Swiss Army logo, this fine confection is modeled after the Swiss Army Spartan multitool.

Chocolate Swiss Knife

Chocolate Laptop

Laptop made from sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder and cocoa mass.

Chocolate Laptop

Chocolate Pie Chart

5.5 oz chart made of 70% milk, 20% dark and 10% white chocolate.

Chocolate Pie Chart

Chocolate NES Controller

NES controller-shaped candy bar made from the finest Austrian milk chocolate.

Chocolate NES Controller

Chocolate Record

Large music record made from milk chocolate.

Chocolate Record

Chocolate Keyboard

Sweet design. Chocolate keyboard by Michael Sholk.

Chocolate Keyboard

Chocolate Pencils

The “chocolate pencils” come in a number of cocoa blends that vary in intensity, and chocophiles can use the special “pencil sharpener” that comes with the designed plate to grate chocolate onto their dessert.

Chocolate Pencils

Rompibollo Chocolate

The chocolate board can be easly divided in pieces of different dimensions. On the relief of each piece, the calorie count is shown.

Rompibollo Chocolate

Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1 Car

Life-sized chocolate model of a Ferrari Formula 1 car has been created in Italy.

Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1 Car

Chocolate Scrabble

The dark chocolate, spell-worthy snack designed by Mary & Matt.

Chocolate Scrabble

Chocolate Calculator

Choc-U-Lator – creative calculator that looks like a chocolate bar.

Chocolate Calculator


Chocolate Tool Kit

The set features a pair of pliers, a couple of spanners and a wrench all beautifully cast in milk chocolate.

Chocolate Tool Kit

Chocolate Shot Glasses

Made from the finest chocolate from Rococo Chocolates in London, the shots come in a beautifully packed black presentation box with ribbon.

Chocolate Shot Glasses

Chocolate Wii Controller

Wondering what to do with the packaging that your wiimote and nunchuck controller came in? Why not fill them with chocolate!

Chocolate Wii Controller

White Chocolate Keyboard

White Chocolate Keyboard

Chocolate Pills

A scrumptious little pill in case of emergency, no need to take with water, as your mouth will be salivating to take this pick me up.

Chocolate Pills

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  2. CJ

    Mmmm, like idols to the chocolate god. :)

  3. navin

    nice thinkin!

  4. Piapee

    mmmm..i can imagine pulling a prank with the nail. :)

  5. Moburkhardt

    so is that first one chocolate that looks like stamps or is it stamps that look like chocolate

  6. Alik36

    i want the pills, it looks cool!

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    Wooowww!!!!! cool

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    The pills one, the calories one, the kwyboard one. Amazing!

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    I am just addicted to this website. It`s AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!! It`s definetely my fav of the fav!!

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    First time ever I felt like eating a nail!
    (does it have extra iron?)

  11. Jaqi Mugo

    Goodness! With all this clever chocolate, I think I’ve found my home!!! :)

  12. Mandy

    I want a Chocolate iPhone!

  13. Shannon

    It’s amazing of what one can do with chocolate these days! Hey, I’d like to try to create something with Vegan chocolate….


    But one question: Just how do you NOT start eating your project or *ehem* accidently start “cleaning” your fingers when you work? *big grin*

  14. neelam

    awesome!!!!!!!!are these available in india,mumbai?????

  15. aynur

    very good

  16. debra shade

    you are truly one of the greatest artist do you have train videos

  17. Mumma Kia Zoos Man

    you are all silly human creations

  18. Dan Errington

    i think that the chocolate will be devoured within seconds, resulting in the eater becoming obese, and with severe heart issues, i appreciate your designs are clever and sophisticted but you could kill someone with this . . .

  19. Abhishek Pd Mathur

    Its just grt work

  20. Abhishek Pd Mathur

    i just love the art

  21. thibel

    omg there are chocolate cups and a CHOCOLATE LAPTOP!!

  22. mona modi

    i love chocolate pills. it appreciate your design.

  23. Jhay

    oh yeah!! chocolate shot glasses for the win!!

  24. itsbrandnew

    these chocolate things are so cool. i wonder if they’re edible

  25. Adriana

    I’d like to have one of them right now…… I love chocolate!

  26. bahar

    so nice and delicios!

  27. golzar

    i like the pencil one and tool kit and swiss knife wow wonderfull

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    looks like tasteful and interesting.

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    Woow Yummy Yummy jajaja

    From: CCH SUR

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    I’ll grab them all and munch ’til die :9

  34. Fiona Weisenberg

    I could judge chocolate contests for a living. Drive that chocolate car, type on that chocolate keyboard, Play chocolate Wii. and at the end of the day take a nice hot chocolate bath.

  35. Reskull

    Hmmmmm….. all of em are tasti!!!

  36. Aukiie

    Im hungry now ):

  37. Farah

    yum…..that was delicious

  38. Jessica

    it isn’t a chocolate bar that looks like a calculator…it’s a calculator made to look like chocolate

  39. Den

    Chocolate pills!! I need those! Great post!

  40. lollipop

    the laptop was really cool! :)

  41. emilychoy

    all of these are amazing!

  42. samkinkel

    i’d take a chocolate pill everyday!!!

  43. mattm

    lol i luv the nike airs they look exactly like my airs.

  44. varsha

    the keyboard chocolate is awesome

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    loved those choko glasses

  46. Janani

    Yummylicious….!!! ;)

  47. Shirin

    I reallyyyyyyyyyy want a pie chart chocolate.

  48. music

    Chocolate keyboard!
    every day a new keyboard!

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    Just beautiful, some people will go through all this to please the eye (and attarct chocolate lovers)

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    I love the choclate pills I need some lol!

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    Soooo cute…adorable.

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    thats crazy! the chocolate shots lol

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    this is sooooo cool!

  54. Arno

    Nice collection of chocolate items! I love those Nike shoes.

    We are currently finishing a new chocolate product for the Netherlands, an iPad made of chocolate on scale 1:1.
    Made of solid milk chocolate with a white chocolate screen.

  55. Sarah

    This looks yummy! :D

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    This looks so delicious, nyummyyy!

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    Wow u have to let me have the shoes

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    lol lovin it all

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    If I were to give my friend a chocolate calculator he would sneak it in a math test and pretend he would use it and then when the test is over he would eat it… That stuff sounds yummy. :)

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    I love chcolate and I want to eat all of those things. I would love if real pills could be chocolate.

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    I want them all!

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    yummy in my tummy…..ahahahahah.rarw

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    the calculator is actually a calculator that looks like a chocolate bar, not the other way around… my math teacher has like ten of them.

  65. laura and colleen

    wow i which i had that car in my room

  66. angel

    wow i eonder if i will be able to eat all of it :p

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    Love the pills and the shot glasses seems really interesting chocolate kaluha here I come

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  69. Mollshed & meggy moo

    Give em to us!! We swear we would take our chocolate pills for once xxx

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    I need to get these!

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    The Chocolate Pencils is a great concept. I <3 design!

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    Just too much! I feel like having myself in chocolate, so every lady can have me!

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    Hmmm..I’ll take all my drugs.

  74. La'Vel Parker

    My name is Mrs. La’Vel Parker and I’m interested in having a bass guitar made from chocolate. I’ll be celebrating my husbands 40th birthday next year in

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