Business Suit Onesie

Business Suit Onesie

Comfortable onesie designed by Betabrand looks like a formal business suit.

Pants, shirt, and jacket combined into machine washable, soft onesie with hidden zipper. Wear it to the office and look / feel great all day.

Suit Onesie


Comfortable Business Suit

The Suitsy Business Suit Onesie

Comfortable Suit

Suitsy Business Suit Onesie

The Suitsy

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  1. Even Soot

    I would love to have one. size 44.

  2. Gert

    Great… until you have to iron it.

  3. Pearl Lambie

    The best and worst of both worlds!

  4. max81rus

    What does it look like from behind?

  5. Noni

    What if you need to go to the bathroom?

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