Water Droplets on Insects

Water Droplets on Insects

Beautiful close-up photos of different insects captured by talented French photographer David Chambon.

Amazing photos were taken in the morning with the help of a macro lens.

Morning Dew

Water Droplets

Water on Insects

Insects Covered with Water Droplets

David Chambon Photography

Beautiful Macro Photography

Morning Dew Photography

Insects Covered in Water Droplets

David Chambon Macro Photography

Insects Covered in Water

Water Covered Insects

Macro Photography by David Chambon

Water Droplets Photography

Insects Covered with Water Drops

Insects Covered in Water Drops

Macro Photography

Water Drops on Insects

David Chambon

Water Drops Photography

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  1. kadal

    so FRESH !!

  2. Betty

    That look heavy. Do they shake like a wet dog?

  3. Ben

    I am tipping he just sprayed them with water!

  4. Jani Khan

    ^ I agree with Ben, he sprayed the insects with water. Or may be he captured the photos after rain?

  5. Habub

    You made ugly flys to art

  6. Gert

    I doubt most creatures would tolerate being covered in water very long after a rain so I’m with everyone else, he sprayed them with a mister to get the effect.

  7. Amanda

    If he sprayed them with a water mister don’t you think they would fly away? There’s this thing called patience, and this photographer has mastered it beautifully. Well done.

  8. Casey

    Exactly, Amanda.

    No, Gert, not everyone is so petty as to belittle this artists work simply because we can’t conceive of doing it ourselves. Not to mention your limited understanding of how water coalesces on objects during morning mists (i.e., no rain required!)

    These are brilliant and, even better, enlightening. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hendrik

    They almost look like juwelery

  10. sartizzle

    They look Bedezzeled

  11. Oliver

    I would say he probably did not spray them or anything like that.
    It’s probably photographed early in the morning, when there is a lot dew water from mists and the insects are still pretty stiff.
    If he would just spray them, they would fly away for sure.
    Great shots!

  12. chillaroo

    i agree oliver, its dew and they need the sun to warm them up until before they can shake the water off.

  13. sonic

    the perfect combination of gross and beautiful.

  14. mahsa

    so beautiful…

  15. Sam

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Robert L

    some of you seem not to be able to read: Amazing photos were taken in the morning with the help of a macro lens.

  17. Nirina

    AMAZING!! it’s like they’ve got crystal gems on em :)

  18. mangkum

    Just wondering, are they all alive?

  19. Nicole

    How could faberge create those without macro lens

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