Foldable Slide

Foldable Slide

Removable indoor slide designed by Trisha Cleveland transforms staircases into slides and folds up when not in use.

SlideRider” foldable slide comes with integrated safety bumpers. Quickly and easily convert any house into a fun indoor playground for kids.

Folding Slide

Stairway Slide

Trisha Cleveland

Removable Slide

Indoor Slide



Staircase Slide

Trisha Cleveland Slide

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  1. erwin prasetyo

    yay… good product..very creative

  2. Thunder

    As kids we did this by using cardboard boxes. Even less space needed to store and cheaper than this ever could be.

  3. eemke

    yeah we used the matras of our beds and the attic stairs , great fun !

  4. jimbo

    Awesome. Wish I had one as a kid.

  5. Shane Lacey

    Hi, I am wondering about the availability of this product for bulk selling..

  6. Gert

    Yah, not moving my decorative vase for that unless I get to use it too. lol

  7. Kris

    Where can this be purchased? I def want to buy one!!

  8. Ashley

    How much are these?!

  9. Aggie

    How do you get back to the top?!

  10. Tahere

    very useful for families with children!

  11. Ashe

    Not for bending stairs

  12. JS

    If bumpy booties don’t factor – then why not?! I’m 32 and I’d TOTALLY do a Pee-Wee Herman laugh while sliding. Great thinking, good use of recylcable materials and most of us Toxel readers are waiting to use this to slide into the second season of true detective! (not product placement, i’m just thinking of a scene in the finale)

  13. Fajar Satria

    the bottom part is not curved, doesn’t it hurt when you land?

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