Glass Keyboard by Kong Fanwen

Glass Keyboard

This glass “no-key” keyboard, designed by Kong Fanwen, could be a nice alternative to the waterproof keyboard that we featured last month.

The plan is to use a tiny camera with motion capture technology that will track your fingers as you type.

Unfortunately, at this time, glass keyboard is just a concept.

Glass Keyboard by Kong Fanwen 2

Glass Keyboard by Kong Fanwen 3

Glass Keyboard by Kong Fanwen

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  1. dude

    okay, first of all, it looks cool, but certainly will not be enjoyed, if you’re touching glass, there’s no feedback, youd have to look down at the keys to make sure you’re positioned right basically, plus its not ergonomic

  2. Jesper

    Sure the part with the camera sensor is still a prototype, but why have no-one made it with touchscreen?
    Too expensive?

  3. Elliot

    The problem with a touch-sensitive keyboard is you won’t be able to rest your fingers on the keys without it typing. No more “home keys position” or anything. You would have to have you fingers in the air and not accidentally brush the other characters on the way. It just doesn’t make sense to me…

  4. Adam

    I agree with the other posts. This immediately struck me as cool-looking but completely impractical. The designers should have thought of another case where this technology might actually provide an advantage.

  5. Xerudox

    The fact that its water proof makes it worth it. The article about the water proof keyboard from a month or so ago is only water resistant.

  6. Tonic

    Price ??
    How much ??

  7. kelley

    u can not make decision that if works or not only depending on the images, because the description does not tell u the real tech principle.someone is wondering whether his/her fingers rest on the keys.but there is difference between real clicking and only touching.obviously the power of your clicking is different.

  8. julien

    I think most men didnt get the idea of the design.the imputting principle is the very most important aspect.since it uses motion capture technology,it must have solved the problem that your fingers rest on the can make sure your clicking or not.
    about feedback….it can be solved simply by sound from computer just like we clicking a link using mouse on the web.
    touch screen is made of a expensive screen. so who wants to make a cheap keyboard with a screen ?
    in fact ,it is a real good design.

  9. Alex P

    Cool idea. I’m waiting for a computer like in the new bond movie or iron man, where you can move things around on screen by hand or with a pointer. Similar to surface computing but more advanced!! Right now its just a dream but i’m sure it’ll be a reality in the near future.

  10. Nara

    This is where tech nology Is Takin US!! i Love It IT would Be Kool But is it unBreakable?!!?

  11. Olivia

    It looks very professional and eye-catching, but I can see many errors occurring to the touch/camera.

  12. Fin

    Really good idea and extremely functional. Would really like to test drive it as a touch typist. Plus comment made about looking at keys, most people these days already know where there keys are, but just browse keyboard to ensure. Would be a fantastic idea. Will keep my eye out for this availability.

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