Collapsible Surfboard by Nick Notara

Collapsible Surfboard

Designed by Nick Notara, this carbon fibre collapsible surfboard breaks into two pieces for easier transportation and storage.

The quick release fin system enables ‘hot-swapping’ of fins and their position on the board in accordance to the type of wave being surfed.

Customizable tail piece allows optimum board performance in varied wave conditions. To adjust between a square, pin, or swallow tail takes seconds.

Collapsible Surfboard by Nick Notara 2

Collapsible Surfboard by Nick Notara 3

Collapsible Surfboard by Nick Notara 4

Collapsible Surfboard by Nick Notara

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  1. Jack

    wow its like legos with a purpose

  2. The Floating frog


  3. ushka

    What is the price and is there a chance of a longboard version ?

  4. Frankie

    I want one

  5. utilitu

    Wow, can yall make a STAND UP PADDLE board? Sure would be easier to transport if I could break it in half!

  6. philies

    it is safe on the water?
    don’t break in waves?

  7. Jesse

    So where do i buy one of these?

  8. Will

    We really want to test one of these James Bond surfboards

  9. Cody

    Longboards, SUK’s… Easiest way to transport a stand up paddle board is to burn it. The wind does all the work transporting it into oblivion where it belongs.

    Great job on this thing. Seems like a good way to beat the extra airfare on oversize luggage.

  10. Alexander

    Hi there,

    This looks like pretty much like a MES – Multiple Exchange Surfboard. Check out this website. Right now still in German but the MES allows to combine all versions, Malibu, Longboard and Shortboard

  11. Sergio

    how much?

  12. Eduardo

    James Bond surfboards it’s an awesome definition. Are there any tool to keep sharks away? Probably there is…

  13. tre


  14. Boob

    Ding repair’s gonna be a bitch… and he might have over complicated it just a wee bit.

  15. Er Secco

    Can I found this boared in Italia? how much does it cost?

  16. Rob EIslip

    I think this is still a concept, its not for sale. I love the clear looking one. Very sexy.

  17. Lynn

    They have been making 2 / 3 piece surfboards since the 60s. Morey Pope made a 3 piece board in 1965 but only 12 were made.

  18. ethan

    I wonder how heavy the board is. It would be cool if a surfboard has those features, but once it’s very heavy. No body will ride it tho.

  19. Saamsul

    How Much money?

  20. Jimmy

    how do i get in touch with the supplier

  21. Tristan

    I am very keen to get one of these boards…will make getting to surf spots on my motorbike way way easier. where can one get hold of it and for how much??

  22. Alessandro

    I want to know the price with the shipping included in Italy (Rome) and the base price and availability of models, and contact information.

  23. Vinnie

    Are these in production, how can I get one in Western Australia, and how much?

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