Watch Parts Motorcycles

Watch Parts Motorcycles

Canadian artist Dan Tanenbaum makes realistic miniature motorcycles out of recycled watch parts.

Old and broken watches are transformed into cool motorcycle sculptures.

Watch Motorcycles

Watch Parts Motorcycle

Wristwatch Motorcycle

Watch Part Motorcycles

Watch Parts Motorcycles by Dan Tanenbaum

Watch Motorcycles by Dan Tanenbaum

Tiny Motorcycle

Watch Part Motorcycle by Dan Tanenbaum

Miniature Motorcycles

Miniature Motorcycle by Dan Tanenbaum

Watch Motorcycle by Dan Tanenbaum

Miniature Motorcycles by Dan Tanenbaum

Watch Part Motorcycles by Dan Tanenbaum

Watch Motorcycle

Watch Parts Motorcycle by Dan Tanenbaum

Wristwatch Motorcycles

Watch Part Motorcycle

Miniature Motorcycle

Dan Tanenbaum

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  1. Mark

    So awesome!

  2. Mohamed Ellithy

    Love it! So creative!!

  3. Edward Martinez

    Built for Time Travel.

  4. chillaroo

    all great! i like the atv the most!

  5. Carmela D

    Really cool! Thank You for sharing.

  6. Saadieq


  7. Gert

    Ok, when I was a kid there were guys who did this sort of thing and sold them at flea markets and craft shows.

    So basically what you are saying here is that the next thing I will see is cola can giraffes and beer bottle dragons?

    Not saying the stuff wasn’t and isn’t cool because it is, but really, low brow should stay at the flea market and at your weird uncle’s house.

  8. Badar

    Hats off dan……….



  10. Grady

    You just prove there is always someone that has something negative to say.
    No matter how cool or creative the project. You’re a sad individual and I hope you find joy in something positive and stop always looking for a negative.

  11. Neva Ikard

    Those are beautiful pieces!!! Are those for sale? I have been looking for some vintage motorcycle miniatures and cars too! Just for decoration to our new home and those are really stunning!

  12. Sharyn

    Wow! These are just stunning!

  13. woops

    Amazing! The moped! I gotta have one!

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