Sideways Bicycle

Sideways Bicycle

Michael Killian‘s unusual bike allows you to travel sideways and comes with independently steerable wheels.

Riding this bicycle exercises the same balance detection and correction mechanisms that are used by snowboard riders.

Sideways Bicycle Concept

Sideways Bike Concept

Snowboard Bicycle

Sideways Bike

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  1. rubia

    dumb i rather have a regular bike

  2. mark

    Doesn’t look comfortable, or practical, steering must be weird!

  3. Pete

    It’s probably a very cool invention, but I’m blinded by all the denim ;)

    And wow, what a complex drive mechanism on this thing. Hope the chain never pops.

  4. Bill

    SIDEWAYS BIKE GUY!!! This guy used to ride around Boston back in the day. We would see him everywhere just riding around on his sideways bike (he used to have an orange one). I don’t think there was every meant to be much of a point to it other than to be a bit different and try something new. GO SIDEWAYS BIKE GUY!!!

  5. gunneos

    nice try.

  6. kkl

    ok… ummm… turning left is harder than turning right… and… it is impossible to check left side blind spot i guess.. (unless u turn right all the way pass the back i guess… )
    it looks cool.. but … ah…. why break the normal way of a person’s balance…
    there is a reason why our feet is pointing forward.. in order to compensate the imbalance of our body from back to front…
    we don’t need our feet grew sideway because our body was sort of symmetric between left and right


    he must’ve been inspired by “the running man.”

  8. glatch

    it looks al little like the wild wacky action bike

  9. pete

    bad design. Get a new bike

  10. Red

    Stupid thing

  11. Kikishua

    To be honest, I can’t see the point

  12. Y. tsye

    just for exercise it’s OK, but too dangerous to ride on the street

  13. James Ward

    Design without functionality – probably will get him an NEA grant

  14. Raymond

    it is different & fun; that’s reason enough

  15. Kirvi_Inci

    Could be interesting to try. It may just be where I went to Vocational School, but they would have contests where they would try to come up with ideas like this one, if only just for the hell of it.

  16. andrew

    i want to see that guy pull off a 180 and keep riding while facing the other direction.. they should put that thing in the x-games lol.

  17. Nat

    No no no no no no!

  18. Andy

    … but why?

  19. Deanna


  20. Joe

    This bike is Amazing.
    I cant wait to ride it.

  21. k44mi

    do you think he can ride it whith one hands?

  22. OOO

    isn’t it moving too slow??

  23. QF

    ha… I just love the double denim ;)

  24. ugh

    You have got to have a brain aneurysm to come up with something that stupid

  25. Alvaro

    Brilliant stuff!

    Now… Have any of you guys tried driving a motorcycle riding on it sideways? At least you should all try to do it once in your lifetime with one leg folded over the gas tank. It makes a hell of a difference in the driving experience just because of the fact that you can look to the side and to the back much easier, which translates into a better enjoyment of the scenery!

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