Face-to-Face Airplane Seats

Foldable Airplane Seats

Foldable airplane seats designed by French company Zodiac Aerospace create more space for the passengers and allow faster boarding.

Face-to-face seats increase the space between passengers by 15%, giving each person four more inches of available leg room.

Zodiac Seats

Zodiac Aerospace

Face-to-face Airplane Seats

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  1. stanley

    So no more recliner

  2. Zack

    I can only imagine the motion sickness during takeoff/ landing and turbulence. Our bodies aren’t used to moving backwards or at angles when we’re not forward-faced.

    The chairs don’t seem to feature armrests or seat-backs either so these flights might get pretty uncomfortable pretty quick. Sorry, I’ll suffer the loss of legroom for overall function and comfort.

  3. John

    I’m not sure how it manages to save legroom. Each seat still appears to be the same distance from the one in front of it.

    So what’s the advantage? You spend the next 3 to 6 hours actively trying NOT to stare at the stranger in front of you?

    Whenever they come up with this space-saving airline stuff, I always think I’d rather just be sedated & stuffed into a tube. That way they can just stack the tubes on top of each other. Just wake me when it’s over. Everybody wins.

  4. Gert

    Oh goodie, I can feel a little more like a packed sardine. No thank you.

  5. Nick B

    this would make flying even worse…

  6. Na

    This is the most terrible idea. Might as well call the plane “sardines” or something.

  7. criticaleye

    4″ of extra leg room? Doubt it… airlines would rather use that space to cram a few more rows of seats into each plane.

  8. Rachael

    Heaven help the person in the window seat when they have to get up to use the bathroom during the flight, especially if either of the other 2 are sleeping.

  9. Schmavis

    Those seats look SOOOO uncomfortable! what’s next? Standing up holding hand rails on flights.

  10. M

    Some design to be used, some design to be designed!

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