Camera Lens Calendar

Camera Lens Calendar

Sharad Haksar has created a desktop calendar that looks like a camera lens.

Unique calendar was sculpted from a single block of aluminum.

Focus, shutter speed and aperture rings are used to display the year, month and the date.

The Worlds First Camera Lens Calendar

The World\'s First Camera Lens Calendar 3

Worlds First Camera Lens Calendar

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  1. mike


  2. Nicko

    Beautiful. Where can I get one?

  3. grzybecki

    My new dream !

  4. cw

    Does it change the date automatically?

  5. edin

    Fenomenalno! Prava stvar ! Pls the price and location i’ll buy it right now :) Bravo for the author, obviously his creativity is unlimited…

  6. gary

    Very clever, how come nobody thought of this before?

  7. Rattan

    cost US$2000

  8. shahram sahabzamani

    Very Nice … !

  9. Tammy

    $2000.00 Are you kidding? Love this “calendar” but wow…

  10. Bruce C

    Make it a coffee mug too and I might get one.

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