Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera

IKEA has unveiled an eco-friendly digital camera made out of cardboard.

Powered by two AAA batteries, KNAPPA cardboard camera has enough memory to store 40 photos and comes with built-­in USB connector.

Designed by Jesper Kouthoofd, these disposable and easily recyclable cameras will be given out to customers at selected IKEA stores.


KNAPPA Cardboard Camera

IKEA Camera

IKEA Digital Camera

IKEA Cardboard Camera

Camera Made out of Cardboard

IKEA Cardboard Digital Camera

Camera Made of Cardboard

Cardboard Camera from IKEA

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    I don’t know about this…it kind of encourages people to use things only once. I get how it recyclable and everything, but using multiple products instead of just one (like a reusable digital camera) just doesn’t sound like a good long-term life-style. Of course, it would vary depending on how often a person takes pictures, the number of photos the camera can take, the life-time of the camera and the environmental impact of making a reusable digital camera vs. this cardboard camera.

  2. Tao

    Is Ikea making fun of its self?

  3. Siem

    Isn’t this just genious? It’s not a disposable camera, it’s digital, so you can use it as long as you want. Ikea is making fun of all the camera brands, if you think Ikea is making fun of something. It’s a kind of style of photography, very simple, but just enough. Ikea will give this camera for free with there furniture so people can take pictures of Ikea products in there homes and upload it to the Ikea website (as you can see in the video). Isn’t that a genious marketing idea?

  4. Amy

    as a photographer, I LOVE the idea of this camera, It’s like digital lomo. you have no or next to no control over the shutter/aperture etc and bonus, you can’t review your images on the camera you have to upload them straight to your computer, similar to a disposable film camera but with 13 more shots and no paying a photolab to process the film.
    and the sense of humour Ikea have in that video is priceless

    I want to get my hands on this, and i’ve seen them be sold on eBay for about £45-55… hmmm Ikea please make them available in all your stores?

  5. 2LV2


    I am going to agree with the first comment. I really think that encouraging a throw-away culture is long term very detrimental to this planet.

    Let us rather look at products that can be upgraded through their lives? What a great way for companies to engender brand loyalty! My Nokia’s software is constantly being upgraded.

    And what about multi-fucntional equipment? Phones do all this. Do we really need this product?

    Recycled? The cardboard componant is really the part that probably have the lowest carbon footprint. Those cells will poison a landfill for a whole generation……

    Lets think carefully about which ideas we promote!

  6. Douglas

    It’s very appropriate. IKEA = cheap, disposable crap. The next step will be furniture made out of cardboard and at a higher price.

  7. looloo

    really……………………………really????? who needs those when we have mobile devices these days that can take photos at 10x better quality? looks clunky and inconvenient.
    This is just some novelty crap that ikeas made to boost its falling sales. even my local stores have been pulling out stock lately

  8. Hannah

    To all those saying this is encouraging a throwaway society – is is NOT necessarily a disposable camera! It is digital, and batteries are rechargeable so do not need to be thrown away.

    It is a fun idea for a marketing campaign, please stop being so uptight!

  9. Critical Eye

    Seems kinda useless to me. As others have said… most (if not all) cel phones already have a camera.

    Also, since this is made from cardboard, it won’t last nearly as long as a real camera, so it is definitely much more of a disposable product (i.e. not eco friendly).

  10. Anon

    How is this eco-friendly if it uses disposable batteries??

    I realize these batteries can be recharged, but the reality is that many people don’t bother to do so, and don’t even realize or take the effort to dispose of them properly.

    Shame on their marketing team for suggesting this is an eco-friendly product.

  11. Rachel Smith

    That’s a reason why i love Ikea ! <3

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