Wireless Lens Camera

Wireless Lens Camera

WVIL camera features a detachable high quality lens that you can wirelessly control with a touchscreen.

Innovative system takes the connectivity and applications of modern smart phones and connects them with interchangeable DSLR quality optics.

Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens will allow users to take photos of themselves, as well as to capture fun experiences from new angles and multiple perspectives.

This amazing concept camera was envisioned by Artefact design team.

WVIL Concept Camera

Wireless Lens

Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens

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  1. bomberben

    I’d be awesome to throw it up in the air and take a picture!

  2. kitty

    That is simply amazing! I can’t wait until it’s available to the public!

  3. Celzn

    That is so freaking amazing! 8D

  4. Jim

    Wait … did that thing turned into a phone at the end ? awesome

  5. Nisa Zul

    awesome! can i have one for free??? hihihihi =D

  6. Sharynm

    That’s brilliant! There’s so much fun you could have with them – I’d buy one

  7. kadal

    gadget this day never fail to amaze me

  8. enav

    really cool idea

  9. Rio

    The concept is really good. But for your info, the video is fake.

  10. Thinkfast

    You could have it as a security camera in your room taking a video!

  11. Art of Concept

    Really brilliant! I’d like one!

  12. Vitaliy

    If you look closely enough, the camera screen becomes simulated when the guy gets a phone call. It’s really badly done too, but it fooled me the first time I watched it. I have to question the validity of the entire device now.

    And “31 megapixel full frame sensor built into the lens”? hmmm.. I’m suspicious.

  13. umwerffvv

    elebuah awesome cool concept

  14. dhanesh

    want one

  15. ran

    oh my……this the real cool gadget,i want it……….

  16. acast

    pretty cool idea but notice he had someone else hold the lense so he could operate the touch screen. Would be the perfect camera for someone with 3 hands,,,

  17. Noa

    Unbelievable! I JUST LOVE TECHNOLOGY! I want one so badly right now :D
    But then again, isn’t it superfragile?

  18. Ajay

    keep it up.

    – may god bless you.

  19. Paul

    Video is a fake :D
    Look at 1:54 how the Content of the screen doesn’t move right…

  20. Reilly

    I love the concept! @Thinkfast, That’s exactly what I thought of!

  21. Steve

    now stalkers dont even have to be near you to take your picture. wonderful.

  22. Lucky

    just ridiculous putting the sensor into the lens

  23. Faisy

    I’m loving it :)

  24. Yuri

    Welcome to the future

  25. Anthony

    just had crazy Ideas of spying with this thing

  26. cchana

    WANT WANT WANT WANT, oh and did I mention that I WANT one of these!?!

  27. may

    @Vitaliy i agree. I took a hard look again at the video and it didn’t seem very real. It is a wonderful concept though.

  28. Bora Liviu

    This camera will revolutionate the photo art

  29. dave e.

    “just ridiculous putting the sensor into the lens”

    Really? Why is that ridiculous?

  30. hesam


  31. prasanth

    gr8 man it is wonderfull. anyone has any idea what is the pricing going to be for this one.

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