LED Swing Lamp

Cool LED Swing Lamp

Designed by Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, the Swing Lamp promises to bring back happy childhood memories and light up your home or backyard.

Built from polyethylene and powered by LEDs, this creative lamp hangs from a rope, just like the traditional swings we all remember.

Swing Lamp by BCXSY

LED Swing Lamp

Cool Swing Lamp

Swing Lamp

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  1. heidi

    my butt’s glowing! :)

  2. Niyari

    for those who like to swing at night……..which now seems pretty awesome

  3. Karen

    makes no sense, but sooo cool :D i would like totally put one in my room :P

  4. Bob

    lights your ass on fire?

  5. vo

    It’s good for scaring people at night, with someone looks like floating in midair and light coming from below.

  6. Roland Glukhov

    Awesome thing :D

  7. sloppy

    creepy like zombie using it

  8. daniel


  9. ase x


  10. Chad

    Now the kids can stay outside past the sunset . . . or not.

  11. Karin Stewart

    Great idea! Ir might attract bugs in some areas in the midst of the bug season but lots of the year it would be wonderful!

  12. Ice

    spooky but cool!

  13. j

    that’s actually pretty scary

  14. t

    its kinda creepy, one lighted spot with darkness surrouning :S

  15. Graydian

    ^^ creepys cool

  16. vero

    i luv it!! :) it’s so cool!!


    Cool but why?!?

  18. lily

    the last pic just scares me…and it would attract bugs ;0

  19. chi

    won’t it be hot to sit on?

  20. vero

    it’s cool!! :)

  21. mostafa

    cool swing!

  22. Sklep zoologiczny

    It’s cool indeed but a lit of bit scary… Isn’t it?

  23. ben

    is it use battery?

  24. Reilly

    Oughta light up the tree now :P

  25. Elphi

    LEDs don’t produce heat, so no, it won’t burn your bottom. I do agree that it will attract bugs though. Maybe inside a sun room or something. That would be lovely. I do question its durability, however.

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