17 Unusual and Creative Headphones

17 Unusual and Creative Headphones

Collection of unusual headphones, earphones, headsets and earbuds that will help you listen to your music in style.

Zipper Earphones

Simply unzip your earphones when you want to use them, and afterwards, zip them back up for storage.

Zipper Earphones

Ripple Headset

This unique headset clips onto your earlobe rather than being suspended over your ear. This allows it to have a clean minimal style.

Ripple Headset

Thriller Headphones

Graveyard Shift headset designed by Johnny Lighthands, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Thriller Headphones

Semicircle Headphones

Wearing headphones or earbuds can block out too much of the world sometimes and cause accidents. Semi-Circle Headphones make it so you can listen to music without blocking out background noise.

Semicircle Headphones

DEOS Diamond Earphones

Titanium earphones encrusted with coloured diamonds using the latest in casting technology, can cost between $4,500 to $60,000 a pair.

DEOS Diamond Earphones

I’m Flying Headset

Unique headset design by Rodshakur, inspired by R Kelly’s track I Believe I Can Fly.

I\'m Flying Headset

M&M Earbuds

M&M’s stereo earbuds by Maxell deliver sweet sounds to your ears. The signature M and round shape of the earbuds emulate the candy everyone knows and loves.

M&M Earbuds

Transformers Headphones

Creative headphones from Japan can be transformed into a robot.

Transformers Headphones

Wooden Headphones

Unusual headphones made out of nine layers of varnished plywood.

Wooden Headphones

Robot Rock Headset

Headset by G Smith, inspired by Daft Punk track Robot Rock.

Robot Rock Headset

Solar Powered Headphones

One hour of sunlight should provide more than 2.67 hours of running time for the headphones when operating on maximum volume.

Solar Powered Headphones

Magnetic Earphones

Thanko’s Sounds Live magnetic earphones, like earrings, just have to be clipped to an earlobe.

Magnetic Earphones

Pieces of Jewelry Earphones

Beautiful “pieces of jewelry” earphones from Russia go well with the exquisite clothes that you wear.

Pieces of Jewelry Headphones

Pieces of Jewelry

Zip Lock Earphones

Designed by Seon-Keun Park, these earphones work just like Ziploc storage bags.

Zip Lock Earphones

Steampunk Headset

Chris from Chicago is the creator behind this cool looking piece of art named “mechanical aural communication device”.

Steampunk Headset

Blinx LED Headphones

Both earbuds and the In-Line battery module contains 3 blue sound responsive LED lights which pulse in tune to your favourite music.

Blinx LED Headphones

Interlocking Earphones

Concept design by Yoonsang Kim from South Korea allows you to interlock earphones behind your neck when they are not in use.

Interlocking Earphones

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  1. om ipit

    really creative…
    the i love Steampunk Headset look like ancient clock headphone

  2. Jerry del Pozo

    Magnetic and Interlocking earphones… they kick ass!

  3. bebopdesigner

    Wow! I want these!

  4. Teehee!

    Wow.. I feel sorry for the kids in the video showing the light-up earphones. The jogger also.

    Those interlocking earphones are not too shabby. I’d like a pair of those. :]

  5. Carlos and Isabel

    The steam punk design would be perfect for bioshock fans.

  6. tracy

    I really like the m&m ones ^^

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    Stylish earlobe

  8. bh

    uh… You DO realize that the Steampunk headphone isn’t a working usable piece, right? It’s just for looks and is NONFUNCTIONAL.

  9. Lisa

    are magnetic ear phones really a good idea considering that an mp3 player is a small hard drive?

  10. josh

    Are these real or are they just ideas? If they’re real, where can i buy them?

  11. Meade

    I’ll stick with my Skullcandy,Smokin’Buds.They sound awsome and were quite affordable.You can also jus wear them in your ears without turning on your ipod (or whatever you listen to)and block out a lot of unwanted noise from around you.They are also quite comfortable with their silicone tips (they come with different sizes so you can pick the ones most comfortable to you).Plus ypu’ll be amazed what people say,when they think you can’t hear them. :)

  12. rubia

    u can buy the m&m ones wouldnt want to though but i definitly wanna buy the winds one they look really cool

  13. xqspx

    the last one is a great idea

  14. Khoudi

    very awesome

  15. Bob

    I love the zipper headphones idea!

  16. ChEeSe

    omg the zippers were the best! LoL im planning on getting new headphone!

  17. iSpaceSnake

    I want the angel wings one and the creeper ones! Brilliant ideas!

  18. iMishux

    I seriously Seriously Want those Angel Headphones!
    They are beautiful and I would wear them all the time ><

  19. Dyohna

    The ones with the wings are really cool. Imagine walking around in them casually.

  20. Rory

    Thinking out of the box doesn’t always work for practicality….but its nice to see such a wide range of designs, the designers have really pushed some interesting ideas. Steampunk Headset is pure mentalist

  21. john


  22. Kayla Lord

    those solar powered headphones are the shizzle

  23. erika vitela

    i love the angel wings one its so epic i want them so bad >.< there all really cool i wish there in stores i would buy them in a hear beat.

  24. Taylor

    what a nice way to express your self …. earphones :)

  25. Moon

    where can by this? Unique headset design by Rodshakur, inspired by R Kelly’s track I Believe I Can Fly.

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