Creative Earphones from Japan

Creative Earphones from Japan

Series of “crazy earphones” designed by Japanese company Solid Alliance.

Crazy Earphones

Banana Earphones

Banana Earphones

Apple Earphones

Apple Earphones

Bolt Earphones

Bolt Earphones

Katana Earphones

Katana Earphones

Mushroom Earphones

Mushroom Earphones



Sushi Earphones

Sushi Earphones

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  1. Ghi

    i want me a pair of mushroom earphones.

  2. Niyari

    Katana ones are cute

  3. Svetlina

    :))) Bolt ones please! X-mas please :)

  4. ran

    sushi one is nice….

  5. steven

    clever consept

  6. mohammed glal

    Good designs

  7. enav

    katana, bolt and arrow are cool

  8. jsquared

    the little girl with the banana ones… soo friggin cute!! :)

  9. Sebz

    the katana ones are impressive…

  10. Glenn Contreras

    OMG! katana and apple is kinda creepy!!!

    The bolt are my favorite!!!

  11. Zsix

    All of them are pretty epic

  12. Rice

    The katana and bolts look really cool :D NICE!!~

  13. Graham

    These are so awesome!

  14. cindy

    New and refreshing! Katana caught my eye and made me smile. Where can we purchase?

  15. Cathy


    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring,
    banana phone!

  16. dixie

    I would like to buy a few pair of these, where do I find prices????

  17. HannahJet

    lol cute

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