Efficient Big Mac Packaging

Efficient Big Mac Packaging

Portable McDonald’s packaging designed by Jessica Stoll fits perfectly into your lap and allows you to eat while you drive to the office.

Cardboard Big Mac with fries packaging is easy to hold, carry, and recycle.

Efficient Big Mac Meal Packaging

McDonalds Big Mac Packaging

Jessica Stoll Packaging

Jessica Stoll Big Mac Packaging

Big Mac Packaging

Jessica Stoll McDonalds Packaging

Jessica Stoll McDonalds Big Mac Packaging

Big Mac Meal Packaging

Jessica Stoll

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Good idea but it can be improved.

    Just make it diamond shaped just like the above picture and remove the folding flaps on the above design. It uses LESS paper. It can be used when eating-driving.

    Or maybe pentagon-shaped (similar to the diamond shape but just flatten a small area at the bottom) so it can stand on the table like a box, AND can still be inserted between the thighs when driving a vehicle.

    When eating at the table, we normally lay down the burger and fries FLAT on the table, its easier reaching from the side rather from above.

    Also, burgers are originally designed to lay down on its FLAT bottom on a FLAT surface, NOT standing on its curved side, or its contents wants to slide down and out of the burger buns.

  2. criticaleye

    Doesn’t seem to take the burger’s construction into consideration. Contents between the buns will slide to the bottom. Also, this packaging does nothing to protect the user from stray crumbs/drips.

  3. Chari

    Great idea! I love how this is made — so good to see ongoing innovations in areas we take for granted, hope they keep it up!

  4. Cpt.Obvious

    Eat while driving?
    It is illegal to eat while driving in many countries, and where it is not illegal it should not be encouraged.

  5. Mhh

    I still rather eat healthy and tasty food.

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