Ping Pong Door

Ping Pong Door by Tobias Franzel

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, this innovative door turns into a ping pong table when needed. After the game is finished, it goes back to being a regular door.

Ping Pong Door is perfect for people that live in small apartments.

Ping Pong Door

Ping Pong Table Door

Innovative Ping Pong Door

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  1. Teehee!

    Love it! I bet it’s great for ALL homes. ^___^

  2. DjAlfy

    LOVE IT!! Now if only I had a house yes?

  3. K

    haha cool, but i would fail, i probably can’t keep the ball on the table :D

  4. charu

    I really love it! good stuff


  5. sammi

    wow wish i had this, good stuff here ;)

  6. sammi

    but im bad at pingpong…:/

  7. winnobizi

    So when thief trying intruding your home, they play and get caught! haha!

  8. Savitha

    Brilliant idea . Can serve a variety of purposes e.g door used as a dining table , for study etc .

  9. Jimmy

    Very clever!!

  10. beer pong

    they need to make that into a beer pong table haha. it save time taking off the door hinges

  11. Garfield Pan

    i want to make one in my house..haha

  12. JimmyCMYK

    Oh wow!

    I love this!

    Such a rad idea..

  13. psychodork

    Nice. Could have some other uses too…like, beer pong. lolz.

  14. dylan

    amazing, puts a normal door to good use

  15. charles

    Great idea but it’s needs to be a double door, you need more room.

  16. MrCrumbles

    Define regular door.

  17. Television Spy

    Hands down the best door I’ve seen.

  18. d p

    this is a terrible idea. that table is so short. that girl in the pictures is tiny, and she could easily reach onto the other half. any decent player would end the game in a slam withing the third shot, every time. and then since theres no way around the table, you cant accuse the other person of playing cheap and walk over and punch them out. they could even hide from your thrown paddles behind the wall. worst. table. ever.

  19. pRtkL xLr8r

    d p —

    I’m pretty sure this door was made with tournament standards in mind. I’m willing to bet that there are already thousands pre-ordered for the next Olympics. I mean just look at the net; if that doesn’t scream ‘professional grade ping-pong table,’ I really don’t know what does…

    Oh and by the way…’Fun’ called and said you’re the worst date ever.

  20. d p

    hey garbledarble weird name –

    sarcasm posted a missed connection on craigslist, i think it might be for you

  21. lucia

    Really creative!
    God forbid i ever find myself without a ping pong table! It’s my number one sport! ^.^

  22. ff

    Horrible idea because the table isn’t the correct size X(

  23. Relaby

    wrong size table, or whatever—this is still a very smart idea…having one in your home and everyone can play–children or adults–this is what you call “fun!fun!fun!” c”,) enjoy!

  24. Nelson

    Crap. Not even for kids, too much high and to much small for grown ups.

  25. Mario

    Yea cool idea! I so want to get this for my house!

  26. an

    this is the perfect thing for a beer pong table in a college apartment/dorm

  27. kame

    Creative Innovative and fun. Any idea of a tutorial on how to do this yourself for all of us who want one as well?

  28. kelven cheah

    good idea d;D

  29. Hmm

    Are the chicks for sale?

  30. Eduardo

    Excellent idea!!! I want one!! haha!

  31. delere

    Very clever! I have a small (750 s.f.) house, and this would be great – I want one too.

    Now if they could do a pool table too….

  32. lin

    no more praise i can give this creative sstuff。

  33. Beezy

    Love it!!!

  34. Sevgin

    i like it :)

  35. Nick

    Who plays ping pong in a skirt that short? You’re playing with fire, lady!

  36. jean

    No more excuses not to exercise :P

  37. David

    Like the idea, dislike the proximity to the side wall. Perfect for dorms though!

  38. Tim

    This was on Cool Hunting about 2 years ago.

  39. scott mcq78

    if i knew how to win at ping pong i would totally buy this!!11!!1!

  40. Consuelo N

    I’d love to get one of these for my holiday home in aruba but I can’t find anyone to play with because I cheat.

  41. Lord Nelson

    Great concept. Don’t you think the bats might be a bit small for people with big hands

  42. wants to fight

    hey dp –

    contrary to what you may think, while you may not be able to run around and throw a haymaker into some poor soul’s mouth after accusing them of cheating, you probably could just punch downwards on your side of the table, sending the other end of the table up into your enemy’s chin and knocking them out that way.

    …wow now i want to do that. i’m getting one.

  43. Arjen

    So cool :-) I want it!

  44. Dave Sparks

    Awesome! Now to convince the girlfriend

  45. jtae


  46. Ryan

    Next…Beer Pong Door

  47. Sandra

    I love it!

  48. ssjhiuas

    cool!!! i want one

  49. Zuzandra

    Hahaha, I want one…!

  50. Alicia Corona

    We have been taking our door off the hinges to play beer pong… This would just solve the entire problem!

  51. Jessica

    What kind of hinges would you use to diy?

  52. hannah

    This is so cool I want it so bad.

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