Ping Pong Conference Table

Ping Pong Conference Table

Beautiful table designed by Ryan Vanderbilt for important meetings and fun tennis games during lunch breaks.

Modern ping pong table will make a great addition to any home or office.

It can be used as a dining table, boardroom table, or a ping pong table.

Ping Pong Table for the Office

Tennis Table by Ryan Vanderbilt


Ping Pong Office Table

Conference Table


Ping Pong Table

Tennis Table

Office Tennis Table

Work and Play

Ryan Vanderbilt

Tennis Conference Table

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  1. Don

    Can`t you basically build a ping-pong table out of any table with a black vertical line?

  2. Tahere

    Room saving table!

  3. Tiana Kai

    I luckily had a long white dinning table in my old house and one day walked by a kids store and asked for a ping pong set. Rackets. Balls. Net. Done! We played so much ping pong on it that it was a shame to leave it behind when we moved.

  4. Chase

    Awesome idea. Add some hidden power outlets, and move the legs to a central base

  5. Gert

    Yah… we had this table in the 80s.. it’s called broke. And ping pong tables are just NOT expensive enough to have to pick between one and your conference table unless you have a space issue.

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