Labyrinth Security Door Chain

Labyrinth Security Door Chain

Designed by Art Lebedev Studio, this innovative labyrinth security door chain forces you to solve a maze before you can exit.

The chain is long enough to reach the far end of the maze.

Art Lebedev Labyrinth Security Door Lock

Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock

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  1. Megan

    Looks cool, but what if there is a fire? Scary.

  2. Emilia

    Exactly my thought Megan!

  3. Karen

    lol if thers a fire, keep a chain cutter near the door!

  4. David

    Something that you do not see every day, definitely unique!

  5. Hsoj Spillihp

    nice idea… but i hate those things… got stuck in a hedge maze for like 2 hrs once…

  6. Karin L. Stewart

    FIRE, heck, I would have a panic attack just trying to go to the car LOL! How about they be manditory on all American Refrigerators!! That would be puttting good design to BETTER use!

  7. Pya

    I think they should put some other rests on it, maybe someone doesn’t like to do the complete maze every time:D

  8. dostclick

    chain is too short :)

  9. KitsuneCC

    I like it, but wouldn´t have it in my house =0

    Although it looks kind of classy, I agree, what would happen if you´re in a hurry to go out ahaha in spite of that, incredible piece of art.

  10. Ara Pehlivanian

    April fools! It isn’t a real product. (Available: On Weekends Only.)

  11. jay

    i love 99% of the things on toxel. but this is just dumb.

  12. Graydian

    haha. they should take the end off so you can never get it undone :D

  13. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    bright idea! but i think it’s better as an idea than as an actual product to be used at home.and why would anyone want to take so much trouble while leaving the house?
    but yeah, this sure looks good.

  14. Gidone

    Love it easy to solve :P

  15. tech-mad

    perfect for a horror movie where fodder-person attempts to flee the house from axe-wielding killer.

  16. delere

    Hsoj Spillihp: I hear ya. I got stuck in a corn field maze one October.
    Karin Stewart: THis is an idea whose time has come.

  17. Reilly

    Fire: You’re Screwed unless you have a chain cutter
    Horror Movie: Perfect
    Plus, the chain’s too short.

  18. Dean

    I would really like to have one.. where can I get one

  19. Cathy

    I really want to buy one!

  20. Les W

    It is a maze, not a labyrinth.

  21. Direct mail

    wonder how long the post man is going to wait with the parcel!

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