Illuminated Air Crosswalk Concept

Illuminated Air Crosswalk Concept

Interesting crosswalk concept, designed by Art Lebedev Studio, promises to increase pedestrian safety by placing illuminated stripes above the road.

Air Crosswalk Benefits

Increased awareness: Overhead lighting will help drivers quicker notice the pedestrians that are crossing the road.

Increased visibility: illuminated crosswalk could be seen from far away, which is especially important for poor lit roads outside the city.

Air Crosswalk

Air Crosswalk Concept

The first Air Crosswalk will be installed in Tumen, Russia, where the project was approved by the local police department.

  1. Megan

    The idea is brilliant, but I am afraid that implementing something like this will cost a lot of money/energy.

  2. GQ

    unless, of course, it’s solar powered

  3. Rez

    and add motion sensor.

  4. schakra

    And of course a large vehicle like a truck won’t fit in there :)

  5. Critical Eye

    Great concept! Worlds better than that laser crosswalk idea posted a few months ago. Solar power would be ideal for this concept… allowing it to be installed without the expense of hooking it into the grid.

  6. Paul

    I just can’t imagine this working in cities though, which would be where it would be most useful. The light pollution would be such an issue for nearby residences trying to sleep.

  7. RL Creative

    Great concept. Seen it a long time ago on Art Lebedev Studio website. That’s one of the best concepts I’ve seen with crosswalks. If it will be solar-powered, then it can be working on LED diods, which doesn’t need a lot of energy :) Anyway, I lika almost all products of Art Lebedev Studio. And waiting for some new cool things from them :)

  8. glodnykrolik

    I think it will make more distraction to drivers to look up instead than looking ahead.

  9. David

    What about daylight hours? I guess pedestrians are on their own when the sun is shining. Oh, and mischievous kids with their stones and late night target practice.

  10. John

    Most comments can also be applied on lamp posts.. I think the idea is great. Have to agree with the troubles it might give in cities though, how many crosswalks do you have in the average city?

  11. ngboy

    I have to say that it is a cool concept but as mentioned before, in cities i dont think it will be that useful. I can already hear the phone calls to city hall in NY complaining about the lights. But maybe if they changed the color so it isnt as bright but still very noticable then it could really work out (along with the solar power idea ppl mentioned)

  12. Paul

    Even so, I would love to see a birds-eye view of the grids of light that these crosswalks would create in the city if they were all lit up at night.

  13. Poljoprivreda

    great idea

  14. Joffrey

    Looks nice but I don’t see the advantages towards the existing crossover signs. This only costs energy even when it uses solar energy.

    I have no clue if the existing crossover signs are a danger for the nature invironment but like I said before, this concept only cost energy and probably a lot of money.

    However nice example of thinking outside the box.

  15. Carlos

    Ok, its a concepts, but wont work in real life. They might be spot lights, but even this wont light like suggested.

  16. FoxyBoxers

    its an alright idea. i think it probly would help in reducing accidents, but then again, it might not.

  17. Dan

    In before unDave gets in here and has an orgasm about this

  18. csleh

    Very similar idea being done using LED and existing hardware by sign companies like this:

  19. Paul Sample

    I love it!!

  20. Lydie

    What about during the day-time?

  21. Karin L. Stewart

    Love the concept!

  22. carlos

    In the daytime they emit darkness……

  23. pioneerplanning

    This would be a great idea for mid block crossings if it illuminated when activated. The current blinking lights don’t do to much to grab attention of where the crossing is, just that there is one in the area. The would also be good in rural areas with 40+ MPH speed limits and straight stretches where drivers can sometimes lose attentiveness. I agree that in cities it would just be more road clutter.

  24. Priyanka D

    its looks cool …

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