Simpsons Chairs

Simpsons Chairs

Unique chairs designed by 56th Studio were inspired by the look of the main characters from the Simpsons animated TV show.

Whimsical furniture highlights the distinctive features of each member of the Simpsons family: Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart.

Homer Simpson Chair

Homer Chair

Homer Simpson Chair

Lisa Simpson Chair

Lisa Simpson Chair

Simpson Chair

Marge Simpson Chair

Simpsons Chair

Marge Simpson Chair

Bart Simpson Chair

Bart Chair

Simpsons Furniture

Bart Simpson Chair

The Simpsons Chairs

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  1. LOL

    Lisa looks like maggie lol

  2. chillaroo

    funny idea, but proportion and position of eyes could be better (bart and marge)

  3. Edward Martinez

    Hey! There are only four chairs for the five Simpson Family characters. Where’s the baby Maggie’s chair?
    Or was it “Where’s Lisa’s chair?”

  4. Jerry

    wow…now that is disgusting…it doesnt look very good and the idea to use characters from the Simpsons is quite cheap…poor designers make poor design

  5. Betty

    Hmmm, I like the idea and the designs but the placement of the eyes, as someone else said is not quite right. Really, the eyes look like…um….breasts, sort of.

  6. Douglas


  7. Gert

    I also think the eyes look like breasts. Not the best though out concept.

  8. Libeerian


    (That’s all I have to say about that.)

  9. Altissima

    The eyes look like donuts!

  10. aokiharu

    Bizarre. The eyes resembles breasts to me..

  11. Rudy

    Yes, I agree. Don’t mass produce these. You’ll be bankrupt sooner than you think

  12. ew

    dont look comfortable at all
    especially the spiky one

  13. Snufkin

    lol ( . ) ( . ) ?! ^^

    maybe they should have dyed the eyes like white and black as the real simpsons.
    the positioning is pretty poor, i hope no one makes alot of money with those :t

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