Incredible Paper Cutouts

Incredible Paper Cutouts

Los Angeles based artist Elsa Mora creates unique art out of regular paper.

Each detailed creation was carefully hand cut using a sharp knife and a self-healing cutting mat.

Paper Art

Paper Cut Out

Paper Cut Art

Paper Cutting Art



Paper Sculpture

Paper Cutout

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  1. Vignesh

    Awesome work

  2. tass

    Very sweet! :)

  3. Jonas

    nothing to get excited about. In Lithuania a lot cutouts. It is part of traditional art:

  4. Nataly

    I like it! And I want to have it

  5. Kim Phillips

    @Jonas: Not a nice comment. Just because others do papercuts doesn’t mean hers aren’t worthy.

  6. mea

    i wish i could do it

  7. Raads

    wow! they are very skillfully done – patience – and they r really imaginative as well.. :D great job.

  8. Juliee

    wow these make my paper dolls look like mud – these are really intricate and pretty i love them hoever some shud be in colour though that would be awesome

  9. ran

    aigoo….those are terrific

  10. Art of Concept

    Great work! Love the constant presence of nature in her work!

  11. jro

    Nice. Here is more, little bit different paper cuts: Also quite cool.

  12. BincleBinc

    That is incredibly awesome! How do they do it? You must have a lot of patience…

    @ jro – WOW, thanks for that link of Peter Callesen’s website. Never seen it before.
    He is such great artist!

  13. Bokyeong

    It’s amazing. So sweet! :D

  14. Kian Erika

    Amazing work. That’s a lot of patience and dexterity, seriously.

  15. Arabian

    incredible :D

  16. jessica

    heeey i really like these paper cutouts and im doing something like this for my art major and i was wondering what type of paper did you use :)

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