Futuristic Real Life Pong Game

Futuristic Real Life Pong Game

Sportpong is an innovative physical computer game that allows two or more people to play the classic game of pong with their feet.

The field is projected on the floor and the players control the game using reflectors attached to their feet. This control system is intuitive, naturalistic and very direct.

Sportpong Real Life Pong Game

Sportpong Game

Innovative Pong Game

Cool Real Life Pong Game

Real Life Pong Game

Sportpong Pong Game

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  1. Niyari


  2. Megan

    Where do you find this stuff? Looks incredibly fun!

  3. mostafa

    very nice idea. very amazing!

  4. tech-mad

    gotta have speedy feet for this! would probably be a decent workout too.

  5. Graydian

    haha… pong always comes back.

  6. lily

    they have something like this it the mall, but its soccer

  7. derschreckliche

    looks like one of these tatally freaky stuff from japan – but it’s from switzerland – the land of the innovators^^!

  8. Chad

    Looks more like airhockey played with the feet.

  9. KitsuneCC

    Wow!!!!! This is so amazing and looks really fun =D Also I agree, looks more like some type of airhokey, but still it´s interesting, hope I can try it out sometime

  10. e11world

    I think that’s too much. Why is everything turning digital. Seriously, I’d prefer to play regular ping pong/air hockey/soccer over this any day and anytime.
    The only thing I see this being better is that you don’t need all the equipment to play those games using this technology.
    Nice invention though.

  11. Beezy


  12. elektromeier


    hi, im the inventor of sportpong. and i particulary agree with you. the game is quite much a simulation of something that can be played in real. we still thinking about something that dont exist/isnt possible in an “analogue” way.

    obviously this installation needs some heavy equipment, beamers/cameras mounting rig etc…
    so thats no advantage over “analogue” games.

    BUT poeple playing sportpong dont seem to have less fun as if theyre playing pong/air hockey/soccer. and ive seen quite a lot poeple playing.

    so i guess the game seems to have its own quality despite being new and fancy.

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