Book Carvings by Lundy Cupp

Book Carvings by Lundy Cupp

Realistic human faces carved into pages of interconnected recycled books.

Three-dimensional book carvings by talented American artist Lundy Cupp.

Abraham Lincoln

Book Sculptures by Lundy Cupp

Carved Books

Lundy Cupp

Albert Einstein

Artist Lundy Cupp

Native American

Lundy Cupp Book Sculptures

Lundy Cupp Carved Books

Lundy Cupp Book Carving

Lundy Cupp Book Carvings

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  1. Pearl Lambie

    It’s the saddest thing to me that now this is what books are reduced to- fodder for art. It’s beautiful but very sad; like making necklaces out of people’s bones.

  2. Lundy Cupp

    Hello Pearl,
    I’m the artist – Lundy Cupp
    I agree whole-heartedly. I’m an avid reader and love books. However, please allow me to elaborate a bit. The books I primarily use are old encyclopedias destined for the dump or recycle bins. In fact, that is one reason I’m using these books, to give them a second life so-to-speak. There are houses and attics across America full of old encyclopedias. I receive at least one call a week from people asking me to take their old books and create art. Thank you for the kind words and it saddens me too that they are becoming obsolete.

  3. Gert

    Betting these are old encylopedias or text books. It’s more sad to see them in the trash or a recycling center.

  4. Swiper Fox

    Old maybe these encyclopedias and textbooks, the contents are still true within.

    I do suggest that you may use better with old telephone directories than these encyclopedias and textbooks.

  5. Lundy Cupp

    Actually, much of the contents within old encyclopedias are no longer accurate and a lot of the information is incorrect. Take the set I’m currently working on from 1957. The sciences, for instance have changed so much with new discoveries and developments that even most schools, libraries, Salvation Army and Goodwill locations will not accept them as donations. This is because most of the information is outdated and has been changed to the point that they do not want to propagate false information and knowledge.

    So, now I give a few volumes new life and people can still enjoy these beautiful books in another way.

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