LED Eyelashes from Korea

LED Eyelashes from Korea

Designed by Soomi Park, futuristic LED Eyelashes look like something you would see in a science fiction movie.

The sensor inside the eyelashes can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. When the movement is detected, the LEDs flicker.

Futuristic LED Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes Perfect for Halloween

LED Eyelashes by Soomi Park

Cool LED Eyelashes

Futuristic Eyelashes

Korean LED Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes

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  1. :D

    kind of creepy…

  2. Lillian

    ditto to :D….

  3. jingpi

    my god ! so creepy…

  4. Fred

    I think they’d look cooler above your eyes for some reason…

  5. beezy


  6. Paul Sample

    what????? insanely cool!

  7. Troy

    yea, freakish…

  8. Critical Eye

    They look really uncomfortable, and a bit cheesy.

  9. Hillie

    Totally agree with Critical eye on this. Not Toxel worthy in my opinion!

  10. Zee

    I disagree Hillie. These are perfect for a toxel post. They are a bit cheesy but they’re intriguing.

  11. gary birnie

    It’s pretty cheap and tacky….I don’t think this is good design.

    If the designer was able to create this minus the bulky battery pack around the ears then I would be impressed.

    No idea how it would be done but then again, I’m not wanting to attach LEDs to my eyelashes.

  12. Kage

    Saw this a year ago at a convention in Denmark. Doesn’t look that cool in real life, just to spoil it for you, hehe. Love the site tho. Great posts:)

  13. cole

    wow, amazing engineering at its most useless

  14. Julie

    They’re pretty cool.. But I think they’d look better on the top lids too… especially since they switch on when she tilts her head down, they’d switch on when she shuts her eyes…?

  15. hallowe'en flavr

    wouldn’t your vision be all wierd after staring into Leds for a long time?

  16. Hsoj Spillihp

    if you marketed this towards children this would sell… but i would totally buy one too.

  17. delere


  18. delere

    Um…no as in eyelash leds. No way.
    But it would seem it would mess with your vision.

  19. Karin Stewart

    Sounds good in the discription but in reality, not really. Battery pack is objectionable. Lights on lower lids looks wierd…then there is the question of if the lights on the lowers would negatively affect your vision, and on and on…..

  20. KAROL


  21. Leonie


  22. KillaKali420


  23. Reilly

    what’s the point? you have to walk around with the head band and the damn batteries…

  24. Timur

    Looks like human Audi A5 ))

  25. Kev

    lol…Timur u r right, she must be an audi fan

  26. Rahul - Web Guru

    It might look cool in night clubs, but not in the normal place.

    You don’t wanna freak ppl out with flashy eyelashes do u ;)

  27. Sonic

    Like a new year tree)))

  28. kevin

    my God!

  29. kko

    I just don’t see the point…

  30. help me

    how do you buy these

  31. rubia

    holy crap this reminds me of a anime! wow they have some pretty gadgets over there

  32. masho

    The idea is okay, but you don’t have to surprise if you get blind after some time and also if you have bad accidents in the street… so… :)

  33. shawa

    I agree with masho ^^

  34. Emily

    Kind of want. Maybe it’s because I’m a lighting designer, maybe it’s because they would be good at a rave… but kind of want.

  35. Lilly

    i think these are cool i found them on Michelle’s Facebook. i want a pair. They would look cool with my cyber goth look.

  36. Lisa Donnelly

    How can I purchase these

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