Pencil Shaving Art

Pencil Shaving Art

Creative drawings by London based children’s book author and illustrator Marta Altes feature cleverly integrated pencil shavings.

Shavings from wooden pencils add something special to each drawing.

Pencil Shaving

Pencil Shavings by Marta Altes

Playing with Pencil Shavings

Pencil Shavings Drawings

Pencil Shaving Art by Marta Altes

Marta Altes

Pencil Shavings Art

Pencil Shavings

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  1. Cynthia

    Cute. Actually sounds like quite a good kindergartener’s project…

  2. cole

    looks like one of those things that they’d use to test creativity

  3. charu

    nice ones..

  4. Adam

    Its simple, but it really makes me smile.

  5. Jani Khan

    Truly incredible.

  6. Betty

    These are very sweet and deceptively skilled.

  7. Gert

    Kindergarten project? Really? In what kindergarten? Try 6th grade, 4th at the earliest.

  8. delnia


  9. mojgan

    very good…
    very nice…

  10. Chad

    This is one of those deceptively simple ideas that is really charming and delightful. Wonderful!

  11. Nisa Zul

    so cute… nice…

  12. Toski

    Very nice!! they made me smile… however, i wouldn’t consider this art. Anything and everything is labelled as art these days, and i do believe that it is an adjective that shouldn’t be given away so easily!!

  13. Jordan

    It’s a form of art that is related to the term ‘art’. It’s clean, yet clever to deliver the idea with the simplest approach – pencil shavings. Great piece of art for any small recreation project!

  14. HayattuDeen

    Looks simpple but very creative and kute!

  15. E

    Fun, cute, refreshing and inviting creativity.

  16. Malini

    Very creative.. very nice

  17. Larna

    im gonna make this my whatsapp profile pic

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