Bloomframe Disappearing Balcony

Bloomframe Disappearing Balcony

Bloomframe is an innovative window that transforms into a balcony at the touch of a button.

Engineered by Hurks, this modern balcony consists of tough all-weather materials and controlled by a smooth electronic system.

Bloomframe Window

Window Turns Into a Balcony


Bloomframe Balcony

Innovative Balcony

Bloomframe Balcony on Demand

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  1. lily


  2. coralshine

    That’s pretty cool. From the last picture it looks pretty sturdy, too. I wouldn’t mind having something like that.

  3. Karen

    this is pretty awesome :D it would be really good in like crowded cities or something :P or if you just want something really cool in your house…

  4. Michael

    Great design,

    Though I can see those scared of heights would want a solid opaque floor on the balcony but I’d really love to have the glass.

  5. s

    incredible and imagical…..
    this design is so cool“

  6. Mika

    Pretty sweet, I wonder which is more expensive to have installed though, a balcony with a sliding glass door or this :P

  7. Karin Stewart

    What a fabulous idea! Great as a window or a balcony, just have to check to weather to see what you want!

  8. Manish Ahuja

    This is SO COOL!!! I want one, RIGHT NOW ;)

  9. Nemo


  10. G

    Very cool, though people below will get an eye full.

  11. Karmakaze

    Sucks if you got it open and it starts raining….its really slow moving!!!
    It would suck even more if you forgot to close it when you went out and it started raining!!!..

    I was just wondering if you could smaller or larger versions!!!

  12. tech-mad

    innovative is right.

  13. Makismo

    Excellent idea! Except you would be cleaning those windows all the time! Imagine if you drop/spill a drink on that! But, i still love it.

  14. ukee

    i want thattt :D

  15. Graydian

    lol there would be footprints all over it :D !
    @mika im pretty sure a normal blacony would cost less, but dont trust me, sometimes i dont.

  16. delere

    This is a truly innovative and just plain cool idea!

  17. Oddie

    i want one for my room :D lol

    this design is so amazing yet cool :D indeed

  18. richiee

    S w e e t !

  19. rubia

    my god i want no i need 1~~~ now how would i get 1~~~

  20. masho

    Good idea! it would be better if it moves faster, but it can be proved time after time :)

  21. GG

    Great, now I have an interior window-wall covered with footprints, and every time I close the window it dumps three feet of snow into my living room. :)

  22. jacobpaige

    she really must not be thinking to wear a dress out onto that balcony…

    also, why would you put furniture out there? its just going to make your home more cramped when you have to haul it all inside every time it rains/snows/hails/etc.

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