Underground Garage for your Garden

Underground Garage for your Garden

Cardok is an underground parking system that provides greater security than a standard garage while retaining the decorative appeal of your front garden.

The platform is lowered and raised using hydraulics. If the power cuts off, small backup generator will help you access your car.

You can use thelocaltreeexperts.com to prevent tree branches from blocking your underground garage.


Underground Parking System

Underground Parking

Underground Garage

Porsche Garden

Porsche Underground Parking

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  1. James Anzalone

    I’ll take one, with the car please.

  2. James Ward

    If that is Miss Moneypenny on top, the car should be an Aston Martin, though the Porche is quite a nice touch.

  3. adkarta

    nice,,,another way for secure your car also LOL

  4. Paul

    An added bonus: you’d never have to worry about birds pooping on your car.

  5. David

    No bird poop, but you might have to brush worms and spiders off the seat. Nothing’s perfect.

  6. 2LV2

    Ummm, Yes, hello, Is that the lift company???

    Yeh I’ve got to get to work and uhhh, any advice?

  7. forumlogic

    Weather forecast: heavy, persistent downpour ….

    Oooops! The car’s flooded.

  8. Guest

    Damn! The motor is jammed again… TAXI!!!

  9. Justin

    They obviously have TOO much money.

  10. Chris

    Love it!

  11. Amélie

    Great but too slow !
    If those people have to go to work, they better not be late.

  12. timmay

    good, but what happens when it rains!!?

  13. jerry

    This is so cool!
    Many of you seem to be questioning the factor of weather. “heavy persistent downpour”-I’m sure that the designers of this garage have made it weather proof. I wouldn’t be so persnickety about these things. And either way, Toxel is a design website, not a website devoted to things meant to be more conventional than normal.

  14. Art of Concept

    Looks very nice!

  15. Karin L.

    Love it unless you live with a high water table. LOL!

  16. Cory

    Only people who can afford a porche and a garden with perfect rectangle hedges would have this garage. Still really cool though.

  17. Betty

    Very cool: security for the car, space saving (leaves the actual garage available for the gardening tools, could actually have vegetation on it, or double as a raised patio!


    Sweet, but what if somone closes it while you’re in the car somehow, is there a switch on the inside somewhere?

  19. Aci

    it is so cool

  20. Joemcjoe

    @ AAAAAAAAA – the garage is most likely operated by a modern invention we like to call a remote, which would work inside or outside the ‘garage’. It’s not like you would get out and press a switch on the outside…

    Also, the car is quite tight inside the garage. You’d better hope you’re a pretty accurate driver or the front / back of your car may end up being crushed by the hydraulics. Also, you’d hope they did longer garages in case you wanted a larger car, say, a Mustang?

  21. Geno

    Nice car and garage but why then live in a prefab house?

  22. Jassi

    skill required to park perfectly between those bars….

  23. Jaqi Mugo

    Part of my new house! :D

  24. Neil

    Very cool – reminds me of Thunderbirds!

  25. Aghyad Al Farra

    Very nice and functional idea

  26. ICE3ERG

    Not useful at all for my Hummer :) I’LL PARK IT ON TOP !!!! =D

  27. Tadeu

    I’ll take one, with the girl please.

  28. aslan

    needs thunderbirds music added

  29. jacobpaige

    why not design it so that lifts down to form a ramp into the underground garage? I’d think it’d be cheaper and easier to maintain due to fewer parts, plus it would open up the possibility of using your basement as your garage.
    of course, if you did that then you wouldn’t be able to use this as an elevator to your roof the way you can now ; )

  30. J J

    Nice! I’d like to see the repo man try & find that car! HAHA

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