Motorcycle with Hubless Wheels

Motorcycle with Hubless Wheels

The Hubless Monster chopper by Amen Design is the world’s first fully functional motorcycle with two hubless wheels.

Hubless (centerless) wheel is a type of wheel with no center hub. To be precise, however, the hub is actually almost as big as the wheel itself.

Advantages include: decreased weight, lower center of gravity, increased braking leverage, and more accurate steering.

Hubless Monster Motorcycle

Hubless Monster

Hubless Wheel

Hubless Bike Wheel

Hubless Bike

Hubless Motorcycle Wheel

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  1. Akimmaht

    Cool but how do you change the wheels?

  2. fred

    Franco Sbarro,,

  3. jerich

    how about the shock absorber?

  4. unDave™

    Did anybody of you see the movie Bolt? The enemies have bikes like that, i was thinking in the reality of that desing, now is true, is kinda weird.

    -by unDave™

  5. Boris

    I would think that it’s not as efficient – because there is much more friction within the wheel – could anyone with a better physics background say something?

  6. Karin Stewart

    Don’t know about the mechanics of it all, but really is hot looking!

  7. crumpet


    They’re no-flats

  8. Dominic

    Sxy… finally someone breaking the dogmatic ways of designing!

  9. Tom Williams

    Where does one buy such an ultra cool machine. Whats the engine size and what about the roar?

  10. Emmett

    I love these…. future of custom cycles!

    Concerning the physics, this design is simple, as in it works the same as a regular axle/ bolt.

    Think of it this way: Imagine the axle/bolt of a regular bike having a small hole through it, being hollow, now make that bolt bigger with a hole through, until its the same diameter of the tire (almost). Simple… the engineering gets more involved now because you have to figure out were to put the brakes, there is more bearing surface etc.

    Cool beans.. :)

  11. Daniel

    yes yes, this is a massive FAIL, where is the helmet?!?!

  12. Akimmaht

    @crumpet Thanks

  13. Alfie Punnoose

    Excellent, I like the unconventional wheel design.

  14. wellwell

    these wheels are cool indeed.
    but why the bike is so ugly?

  15. delere

    Cooler than Kirk’s cycle in the most recent Star Trek movie because it’s real! I love the 21st century!

  16. AZD...

    lukng coooooool.but cant guarantee the stability n cruise feel given by bikes now available.good 2 showoff though………

  17. ffcode

    strange top speed? mechanism is something like the chain on tanks

  18. Magy

    But but HOW?????????

  19. trialsman

    Garage jewelry, not much else. For those who don’t really want to ride.

  20. Razar

    Iv been following the design of this bike for the best part of a year now and i myself was tring to figure out how the mechanical parts work ^^ so glad its working! great looking and fab ^^

  21. rubia


  22. jj

    Where’s the driveshaft?

  23. Farzin

    So cute but where are the break pads? an shock absorbers?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. lanz sembrano

    to see is to believe! but its not applicable here in the philippines!

  25. Gerry N

    Well its obvious how the front tire works, but what about the back, it would seem to me that it would work by being driven by another wheel, kind of like two gears meshing together, this is how they transferred power, the only problem with this that I can see is how much friction must be generated in order to keep the outer or back wheel from slipping if the vehicle encounters a large amount of water on the road or any other foreign slippery substance, nice design way to think outside of the box.

  26. Jaytheredneck1

    For those asking about shock absorbers, this bike is what they call a rigid. Which means it doesn’t have shocks, so you can feel every part of the road. It’s very common to do this on choppers.

    Someone asked about friction, due to the enlarged size of the hub, there is actually much much more bearing surface which the friction is spread out over, so the resistance and wear would actually be much less than that of a traditional hub.

    This is actually a very efficient design. It would be nice if they would patent and license the design so that it could be used in the mass market.

  27. soullis

    BMW Forever

  28. DSMfan

    I am one to really hate choppers, more a supersport rider, though this custom is actually a really cool design deffinately a chopper i wouldnt mind having around to look at. Would ride it once or twice, still a damn good looking bike.

  29. steve

    these wheels arent that new and the bike overall isnt that impressive… whats the deal with americans and their obsession with choppers? they are the most impractical and least fun bikes to ride… give me an off the shelf R1 or even a FS1 any day over an overweight all show, no go peice of sht like this…


  30. william turner

    The earliest hubless wheel ive seen was over 10 years ago built by a guy in Sweden. The drive consisted of a powered roller which came into direct contact with the rear wheel, the friction providing the power.

  31. Rob L

    So damn tired of seeing the wrong info being spread around.
    Neither Brown nor Lane invented the damn thing. And this is not the first fully functional hubless bike.
    Franco S’barro invented in in the late 80’s and had built a fully functional car and two motorcycles. Before Brown or Lane.

  32. Kelvin (uk)

    I’m trying to buy some Hubless wheels

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