Interactive Piano Stairs in Sweden

Interactive Piano Stairs in Sweden

To encourage people to take the stairs instead of the escalator, regular stairs at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm were turned into piano keys.

Not surprisingly, after the piano stairs were installed, 66% more people than usual chose the stairs over the escalator.

Piano Stairs in Sweden

Piano Stairs

Piano Staircase

Piano Stairs in Stockholm

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  1. Megan

    Brilliant idea and a great way to promote healthy lifestyle!

  2. hongye

    Why do I not see video? My Life in China

  3. Paul Sample

    just awesome! I love the fun theory hehe.

  4. Moinid

    Very cool campaign

  5. John

    It’s a cool campaign indeed. Though I do wonder where this is leading to. This is brought out by Volkswagen, isn’t it? I don’t see the connection, yet.
    Nonetheless, great films of great ideas!

  6. denis

    really nice idea. it’s so easy to motivate people to walk…

  7. Camparis

    It’s so easy to make people moving!

  8. Don

    makes life fun!

  9. Steffen

    the next step is to increase the number of persons going by bike bike instead of using their car…
    …but i don’t think that volkswagen is going to promote that one…

  10. lano

    It’s just about making stairs fun! So people chose the stairs instead of the escalator! I don’t think it’s more complicated than that. I don’t think its from Volkswagen or some kind of advertisment, just about making people exercise, if only a little!

  11. mr. t

    why don’t they just turn off the escalator?

  12. Robyn Durst

    mr t.: LOL!

  13. Always Right

    to MR.t: if they turn it off the escalator then what about the old ppl who cant walk up the stairs…

  14. MochiPu


  15. Steffen

    Didn’t notice the font and the last screen?
    –> “An initiative by volkswagen”…

  16. MasBatosai

    Its very goood…1

  17. Mika

    I think the correlation between Volkswagen and the commercial is that the vehicles by Volkswagen are supposed to be fun as well. After all, if the people who make the cars are fun, wouldn’t they want to drive something fun too?

    If nothing else, it gets people talking. “Hey, did you see that commercial by Volkswagen? You gotta see it, here is the youtube link!” etc etc.

  18. The Dude

    Wait until an idiot like me comes along and trys to play something difficult and falls down the stairs and breaks his neck =D

  19. bayilik

    it is nice idea.Does it make noice when pushed it by foot?

  20. Julie

    That’s AWESOME!

    p.s haha at The Dude

  21. delere

    Good one Mr T!
    The only thing that still works when broken – escalators.

    I like the idea. Hopefully someone doesn’t get so into it they fall down the stairs trying to play Bethoven’s Fifth!

  22. Karin Stewart

    You just need to do what it takes to get results! AND seems like the stair climbers were having fun, too!

  23. :D

    very creative…!…

  24. Reilly

    Not original. The Science Museum of Minnesota has one that’s been there as long as the museum has been open

  25. john

    Piano stairs will always be part of the same reality as Tom Hanks’s late ’88 movie, Big.

    And I will bet with anyone who disagrees on this simple fact.

    I know personally the inventor of the first interactive Piano stairs and of the original Walking Piano. His name is Remo Saraceni and he is an absolute genius.

    He designed these magical items more than twenty years ago and Tom Hanks was the first to dance on Walking Piano in the movie Big.

    The first Saraceni’s installation of musical stairs was in Papalote Children’s Museum, in the 1990.

    All the others are copies. If you don’t believe me and want to see with your eyes all the possible applications of the Walking Piano visit Remo Saraceni’s channel on youtube.

  26. Ben

    do that in england! x

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