Wire Portraits

Wire Portraits

Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park makes extremely detailed portraits out of multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh.

The artist sketches or projects images of his models on wire meshes and then cuts parts out to add depth and three-dimensionality.

Wire Portrait

Seung Mo Park

Wire Art

Wire Art by Seung Mo Park

Wire Mesh Portraits by Seung Mo Park

Wire Portraits by Seung Mo Park

Wire Mesh Portrait

Wire Portrait by Seung Mo Park

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    It is SO detailed and I love the ghostly effect the mesh has because you can kind of see through it

  2. Sharyn

    Wow! These are so intricate, I love the vision it must take to know exactly which wire to snip. I’m amazed by how much impact the lighting has on the 2nd video.

  3. TwinkleTinytot

    O_O WOW!!

  4. jayy

    Am loving it ! But the women look sad Oo

  5. Douglas

    I used to do something like this when I was younger. My canvas was the wall, the medium pudding. Mine wasn’t nearly as detailed.

  6. Katie


  7. Gert

    Well, this is really nicely done, it’s like making a giant illustration page for a manga novel, which, this is a lot like. You take your transfer of texture and rub it on in the spots you want it and rub away layers you don’t want.

    Really cool. Not terribly innovative but not all art needs to be inventive now does it?

  8. JKent

    Absolutely amazing!

  9. Nisa Zul


  10. James

    Awesome! I could easily see some great permanent installations of this art in public spaces.

    I’d like to see other sbujects done with this same method.

    It says that he projects his subject’s image onto the mesh and then works the mesh for add dimension. Does this mean there is always a projection onto the mesh during these shows?

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