Eyelashes for your Car

Eyelashes for your Car

Why not dress up your car‘s headlights with cute and stylish eyelashes?

CarLashes are made from flexible material that bends around headlights and attaches easily with automotive trim tape. Will not damage paint. [buy]

Car Eyelashes



Eyelashes on Cars

Eyelashes on a Car

Car wth Eyelashes

Headlight Eyelashes

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  1. jack

    If i was to see someone driving this in my town i would classify you as a tool.

  2. Ian H.

    I save that appelation for people with aftermarket spoilers, but these are a little off-putting.

  3. James Ward

    Kudos to the capitalist who could get these dorks to buy it. Fool’s money is still money

  4. James Anzalone

    Its like a joke though right?

  5. Chedie

    For the extremely VAIN XD

  6. jah


  7. Aarti Harish

    Eeeeeks…spoils the look of your car….

  8. vikramkumar sharma

    nice ._.

  9. nine

    hey…let’s make carbeard for guys… errr~ =_=:

  10. Betty

    Cute! I like.

  11. mark

    almost as bad as truck nuts

  12. Julie

    LOL Like CARS the movie but well….
    its okay but who would buy them but the vain and odd?

  13. Toasty O's

    I would like to see some car mods on this site that actually do something for your car, like increase mileage, without forcing you to drive a solar powered go cart. I know that there are folks out there who are up to the challenge.

  14. VinceVega

    I have the urge to squirt mayo on the headlights. Is that wrong?

  15. evie


  16. Raads

    these are the points why dont like it:
    :Really ugly
    :Too Vain
    :Really pointless
    :Ruins the car -_- and the purpose of it
    :People have better things to spend money on and do..
    :E.g. Feed people who dont have any water or food.

  17. ??

    well you can feed people with the money you spend on your xbox either. its not about this is ugly. (altough it may look good on some cars like mini or smart) its about those who think that they have the right to categorise people as stupid. if we like it, we buy it, we dont need your opinion about our iq

  18. Eugene

    Y’all don’t have a sense of humor. It is whimsy. Lighten up!!
    P.S. Gosh awful uggggly!!!

  19. Karin L.

    In designing Herbie the Love Bug for Disney, one of the things on the car was eyelashes! This was an idea taken from my previous comedy cars that went back to the ’50s. Wish this had been their ORIGINAL idea…..

  20. mehdi

    great, the angry sport cars gonna be more attractive

  21. Kirvi_Inci

    Okay, so I think that for cars like Love Bugs and even old cars like the pink one, they would be okay. For people who make cars centered around certain themes for car shows, it would even be a bit fun. I know there is a salon here that has a love bug that they decorated up and painted lashes on it, so it could be used in that way.

    HOWEVER, I cannot see these being something you would put on very many other cars. They just look odd on the newer cars in the video.

  22. Dave

    Do they make nostril hair for the grill?

  23. Giobunny

    I’m 100% sure the’ll sell!

  24. Critical Eye

    Not so much.

  25. jaqi mugo

    @Dave, LOL! Next they’ll come up with Mas”CAR”a for the eyelashes!

  26. Art of Concept


    @ mark LOL

  27. reef

    good for lady

  28. Gert

    I’m noticing most of the people who think them stupid ugly or vain are men.

    I’ll remember that next time a man worries about his bald patch and remind him he’s being stupid and vain.

    They are cute in an immature sort of way. Like Hello Kitty.

  29. Reilly

    Not bad, little weird, though I can see this making a good amount of money. They’d be best for VW Beetles and Mini Coopers.

  30. diana

    I hate hate hate hate hateee them.

    With sooo much gusto!

    They serve no purpose whatsoever, which I’d be okay with except they’re so DAMN UGLY.

  31. chris rutledge

    A fool and his/her money are soon to part.

  32. Rene

    Lighten up people.. they are just like the millions of other items in the world that really serve no purpose, but to a person’s personality. If they like them, to each their own!!!!!

  33. jamie

    funny thing is, who cares what you, me or the lady down the road thinks if YOU like it buy it if you dont like it DONT buy it. I am sure everyone has had a shirt or something that not everybody thinks “wow that looks great”

  34. B

    Would look better on Bugs,but i think it makes the vehicle look cheap overall.

  35. KE

    this is as bad a “spinner” wheels!

  36. mikkikitty

    I think they’re cute…boy! I can’t believe such a silly thing upsets so many so strongly. I think you need you be PASSIONATE about something that really matters, like hunger in America, the state of the economy, or terrorism!

  37. LGM


  38. Phyllis

    They make me think of Penelope Pittstop’s car in the old Hanna Barbara cartoon “Wacky Races”. Penelope’s car had big red lips, eyelashes, and an umbrella close to the driver’s seat. . .

  39. Mikey

    Not only do they look ridiculous, they also cause drag and hurt fuel economy.

  40. jules

    All your “negitavie” remarks are alot in whole the reason why I think they would look HELLA SEXY winkin on my pretty lil 240……..DRIFT………..in!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Allison


  42. G$

    I’m am personally going to run anyone off the road that is dumb enough to put these on their automobile. I will cheerfully laugh as they careen down a cliff in flames like a toonces the driving cat skit.

  43. ang

    LOL!! Really? How lame!

  44. Emily

    These are too cute!! :) Where do I go to buy them?!

  45. Not impressed

    Please. Looks real douchy, real douchy.

  46. Am Latino

    Well if some trucks can have “balls” hanging rom the rear, why can’t women have eyelashes?

    Both are pathetic and ugly.

  47. Rhonda

    Must be one of Obama’s new products to improve the economy.

  48. Jean

    These are just dumb enough that someone will probably make a lot of money…like the pet rocks!

  49. Tasha

    @ Gert.. I am a woman and find these things ridiculous!! Do not start bashing the men just because they state their opinions. If you really feel the need to put EYELASHES on your CAR you’re going to get critized. As someone else said I could see someone putting them on a car for a car show, but that is about it. If you want something immature on your car then get a new paint job or hang something from your mirror or buy some bumper stickers. Either way.. get over yourself.

  50. Nim

    The next big thing: car asses.

  51. Michelle

    Adorable! to each his own ppl! those of you who are heated up need to not spend soo much time surfing the internet & posting comments if it bothers you. I agree a mini or bug would be the best cars for this invention.

  52. Roberta C. Hill

    I really Love them I think there Fly:)

  53. Kimberly

    I think these are so cute..I want a set for my new Dodge Durango…My husband said he would never drive it again but its not his anyways…Where do I get them?

  54. Kevin

    well I may have missed out on inventing these things, but I can still invent accessories for the car lashes…. like a giant lash curler or how about a giant mascara bottle ?
    How about car lashes that have L.E.D. lights on the tips?
    I wonder if those car lashes will collect bugs?

  55. Kymberly

    I think they are quite adorable but still think that they are much cuter on the cartoon cars. They really do make the car look cheaper than expensive. I am a vain and material girl but I like the much finer things in life! Like you say: to each your own. I would not be critical if I were to see a car with eyelashes on the street. Really would not let it bother me too much. I think we should worry about domestic violence, animal abuse, starving and homeless people, and child abuse more than this. The economy is bad and it could possibly be the last days. Please find a way to treat each other kind and animals kind before it is too late! Take care all!

  56. Wilma

    I think they are really cute! Wouldn’t put them on just any kind of vehicle…but certain ones, I would. Just bought me a dune buggie and think they would be so cute on the round headlights, so I’m going to buy a pair for it.

  57. Jennifer Bullard

    I think the lashes for cars are so girlish, I love them.

  58. teresa form california

    i think there cute y not make eyeballs to make the headlights look like eyes make them different colors make them thin like contacts that pill on and off

  59. Trish

    My mom just got a fancy G6 convertable…I think

    these eye lashes would be adorable on her new car.

    but my dad drives it too, so Im not sure if it

    would be a welcomed gift or an argument starter.

    welcomed gift or a fight starter.

  60. Tina

    Sooo KOOL!!! Not everyone is gonna like them but lots of the comments sound like they are jealous that they didnt come up with the idea and be the one that is going to be making all that money selling them! Because no matter how rediculous it is, there is someone that is going to like it and buy it. Men might think they are stupid but what about those vehicle that have those gross set of testicles hanging from the bottom of them showing everyone that they think their veicle has balls, like their vehicle is bad or something.

  61. JFCost

    truly a novel idea – not sure how big the market will be tho. I do like the beard or moustache idea!! Could probably do lips around the grille too, couldn’t we? oooofff….

  62. shanarose

    Are you kidding people? This is such a bad thing that you would want to run the car off the road or claim we are starving those in need..R.U. Kidding? Everyone of you that made the economic cry for world hunger…pleeze…as if you don’t spend your money on a whim that others have no interest in. Get a life! Oh, by the way, I have them on my yellow bug and no one is trying to run me off the road, I see them smiling all the time and children love them, in the parking lots they are all saying “mommy look at that car”, I see nothing wrong with adding a smile and happy moment to anyone. You don’t like them…don’t buy them. that’s why we live in America!

  63. jennn

    lovee them on the beetle, cooper and the audi surprisingly :) each to their own I say, cool novelty gift – so buying them for my aunts mini cooper! xo

  64. Mini Freak

    I agree with those who said to each his own. I would buy these for my Mini Cooper before I hang a stupid CD from my rearview mirror or put cow fur on my dashboard.
    CD’s are for your CD player
    cow fur belongs in a farmyard
    those eyelashes belong on my MINI!!!!!

  65. Jann Williams

    I love the eyelashes. I too cannot imagine why anyone but me would care how I spend my money or what I put on my Mini. People can be such bullies and try to intimidate those of us who like to be a bit on the edge. Hey live and let live.

  66. Frank

    They’re like small dogs. They serve no purpose and are disposable.

  67. Raquel


  68. u mugs

    God calm down, life to short to be such ass holes all your life
    If someone want to put them on there car, Thay can fu*king do it.
    You lot have no say what other people want to do.god people piss me off
    Reading all what u lot say ahhhh u make me sick.

  69. Kibibi

    Call me what you want but I have them on my BMW! I love them. People from every walk of life see them and smile. Who are you to judge me for what I put on MY car that I pay the note on? There is something DEEPLY wrong with a person who puts soooo much angry thought into what goes onto my car. I mean I hate red cars, green cars, or any color other black or silver. I think it cheapens the look but do I get angry or call the person names who has the green car? No! Cuz its just not that deep. Get a life!

  70. Michelle

    My husband pointed them out to me in a parking lot today. I must say they did bring a smile to both of our faces. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could see where I could get some for my car. My husband might even get a pair for his truck just to see how many of you haters try to push him off the road. Lighten up, smile for Petes sake.

  71. Patti witt

    i want them for my motorhome!!!! LOVE THEM and i don’t care what anybody thinks

  72. Kylie

    I reackon they are wonderful i’m getting a set for my car! As i’m a lash extensioner, these would go well for promtion of my business ~ Intense Lashes!

  73. Marci

    I have a pair and I just simply love them.. I get lots of looks and people just laugh and enjoy them right along with me..

  74. Jeanne

    oh! get over your self people. It’s a cute accesory for your car. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Any of yall have stickers on your car…

  75. Rach

    I think some of these people should keep there opinions to themselves they are not hurting anyone and it’s not about being vain,it’s about fun and why not, guys go around with fancy mags and exhausts why shouldn’t us women have something to.
    Like someone commented before you don’t have to buy them.

  76. Hanna

    I have sat here reading all the comments and wonder why does everyone have such negative comments. Its not like they cost alot and if everyone thought the same way than this world would either be doing something together and fixing all this fighting and prices on gas. I Just think we should let the little things go and worry more about the BIG stuff, so what if someone wants to decor their car, its their car and thats why they are paying for it. So WHAT, I am almost 51 and just bought a very expensive car and well I cant afford it but it took me this long to get one and I want some of them eyelashes, I like them and thats my opinion and I don’t care what others think or if they will like it. Now if they want to make the car payment then I will not add these lol….God bless,, and worry about more important things to talk about….

  77. Renaye Smith

    I think they are very whimsical & cute, like so many other things on the market that mean nothing but are very interesting and fun.

  78. Robyn

    i think they are so cute i have to buy some

  79. Brittany

    I <3 Them, getting some for my Purple Jeep Wrangler!!! So CUTE!!!! LOL u boys need to lighten up!! Its cute….. they must have caught ur attention enough for you to click on this page AND take the time to write a little love note!! So sweet!! LOVE LOVE LOVE em!!

  80. Connie

    I drive a white Mercedes and I have them. They are not only super super cute, but they make most people smile.

  81. Kissen

    Jag har dem på min tjejiga S40. får många leenden och många positiva kommentarer. däremot har jag fått höra att man tydligen kan få böter om man har dem ?!?! varför?

  82. Rajeev Kumar

    I saw these today on a red Mercedes. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them. It was kind of cute and made me laugh my ass off. The girl driving the car was pretty cute and I smiled and she smiled back. But we both knew that it was the car, not her, that I was staring at and smiling about.

  83. Lorie

    I love them! Lighten up people, keep your rude comments to yourself. Don’t take life so serious. It’s all in FUN!

  84. Cherry

    I saw these today and came home and googled it. These are sooooo cute!!! lol You must have a sense of humor for it. If i had a really girly car… i’d paint it pink and put these on it- I could care less who would hate it- :) love it!

  85. Bob C.

    They are ok, No different than zebra seat covers, window banners, fuzzy steering wheel covers, and 100 other items meant to cusomize your car to your tastes. Lash on girls!!!!

  86. Heidi K

    They are all mad because they like it but don’t have a car to put it on.. I AM GETTING THIS!!!! =P

  87. christie

    i love these lashes. I just got a vw. Now where do i get the lashes? fun, fun, fun!!!!

  88. natalia

    wow all you haters are soooo unbelievably jealous and pesimistic and clearly hate your lives that its ridiculous. they are the CUTEST things ever. I just bought a pair for my white pontiac and they are adorable, brings a smile to everyone who sees them, EVEN LITTLE BOYS AND OLDER MEN. So all you scrooges need to lighten up. they are not “immature” they are an accessory, you cannot classify an accesory as “immature”… for example truck balls. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE LIVE IT UP THE WAY YOU WANT no one is going to run anyone off the road and if you seriously have that strong of an opinion, why don’t you try it and see what happens, I would say maybe a few years in jail, then who’s going to be laughing ? the girl with the beautiful eyelashes on her car thats who. I agree with the other comments, accessories are fun and if YOU like it, YOU will buy it, and if you dont, then you dont buy it. These sell fast, I am the second person in Ottawa to have them. They are NOT a waste of money, they are 15 bucks. Tell me who hasn’t spent 15 bucks on fast food ? That’s right, so all you hypocrites need to really re think everything you have said because you sound plain stupid when you say “we need to think about bigger things like hunger”. So that xbox you bought should be donated to Uganda right ? Or that picture frame that is hanging on your wall for 20 bucks ? THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. That is all.


  89. Shelijah

    I love them.. those that call names are too afraid to step out and have fun!!
    So worried about what others have to say… WHAT EVER I SAY
    I wear them and so will my cute little girly Kia Sportage!

  90. gcf

    I agree with Natalia. I just got a cute new car and i am going to buy these eyelashes for it. My car looks so girly anyway. It is right; who don’t like them, don’t buy them – simple and easy. I would not add “balls” hanging to my car, but those who like it that way, it is absolutely their choice to hang them to their cars. I’m pretty sure if someone will start to make “car boobs” we will start to see lots of those on the highways because guys will just love them.

  91. Arnice

    I think it is truly wonderful,i love it! wheres the eye lids and brows?

  92. Karen

    I saw them a few months ago. I just love them. Why all the negativity. To each its own. I plan on getting some for my car. Look out, here I come!!

  93. Suzie

    I’ve seen these on a car at work and think they’re adorable!

  94. Marian

    I saw these on a mini coop and I thought they looked just brilliant.

  95. Jody

    Well I think they beat the hell out of “my family” stickers, and I want some! (Even if my son says he’ll rip them right off and bin them ASAP)

  96. C

    Seriously? Having these is a reflection of IQ? I have two degrees from Harvard, have run my own company, and sold it and am happy to have a low enough IQ to ADORE these! Can’t wait to get them!

  97. Rella

    Aww how cute !

  98. Princess Diamond Zara

    Saw them on an old paint peeling ford and loved them. Felt the need to research how to get some for my new commodore.Her name is O’Hara (she’s bright red) and she is going to love them too. Boo Hoo to all those who have no whimsy left in their lives.I’d like some with diamantes just to add some pizzaz. Enjoy the festive silly season all and flutter those eyelashes!!!!

  99. Evelyn

    I love it! I think it is whimsical and cute and can’t wait to get a pair for my hhr. I love, love, love it!

  100. abbey

    I actually had a vw bug, and i just got eyelashes for xmas, and they are absolutley adorable! on some cars, they are odd. but the bugs, they fit so well! i love them.

  101. abby

    i have a pair of pink eyelashes and i love them
    i get lots of compliments in them and i am always asked where i got them at

  102. Austin H.

    Why you are you guys all hating? If you don’t like it then just keep your mouths SHUT and then find something else to do.

  103. shaycie

    I got to say, the haters kind of surprised me here, but oh well! I think these are absolutely adorable… lol. I agree they would look the best on a mini or bug, but probably look very good on other small cars as well. They definitely add personality :)

  104. Melissa

    Wow!!! So many HATERS!!! To each their own, I think they’re cute!!
    Haters gonna hate!! lol.

  105. Thalia

    I love them, fake eyelashes for my car…. but then I own a mini-cooper AND I am a belly dancer :) Perfect!!

  106. Almost 50

    I love these lashes. My daughter is turning 14 this year and has already told me that for her sweet 16, when she gets her vehicle, that she wants a pair of lashes for it. My hubby is about as manley a manley as there can be and he thought that they were really cute. He said that because of our personalities, he could see us with something like this on our daughter’s future car. We haven’t seen them on the road around our town yet; however, we think that if we did, it would be delightful. There is so much to be unhappy about in the world (poverty, security, foreclosures, joblessness, murder, suicide, etc.)that anything, legal, that can make you smile….GO FOR IT!!!!

  107. Shelby

    if you can’t see the fun of it then you are the dork and you have no sense of humour. I’ve seen worse things put on cars. Each to their own.

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