Human Clock

Human Clock

Beautiful and creative art installation by Romain Laurent features giant clock made out of people.

Strategically placed humans use legs and hands to show time on a clock.

Romain Laurent Human Clock

People Clock

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  1. Erwin

    Great work! An interesting solution.

  2. Swiper Fox

    I’m just guessing… that the person’s RIGHT FOOT… that is pointing to 10 o’clock is the HOUR HAND (or HOUR FOOT).
    The Hour Foot (or rather the Hour Leg) SHOULD BE SHORTER than the Minute Foot (or Leg).
    They could have used a tall and a short person for the minute and hour designations respectively… OR they could have used ONE white sock to cover the right foot (up to the calf or knee) to make it appear… SHORTER than the Minute Foot

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