Paper Eyelashes

Paper Eyelashes

Series of unique and stylish eyelashes inspired by the art of paper cutting.

Designed by Ting yu Wang for Paperself, beautiful paper eyelashes are infused with symbolic meanings of love, success, and happiness.

Stylish Eyelashes

Paperself Paper Eyelashes

Unique Eyelashes


Eyelashes made of Paper

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  1. Anna


  2. Sky_pirate


  3. Evie

    They are pretty, but they look creepy to me, like a bug flew into their eyes.

  4. javad


  5. Pete

    The last woman is a replicant. Just sayin’

  6. G Loaf

    Cute.! brings lady gaga into my mind

  7. Manpreet

    looks like it would take a ton of patience to make,
    but the end result is wonderful

  8. Raads

    the last one looks plain scary… its a nice idea, but i dont see why people should ruin the natural beauty of human beings and replace it with some thing less beautiful……

  9. shahram

    very nice!

  10. jaqi mugo

    Just my area – fashion! FUN! <3

    More please! :)

  11. Juliana


    its a art concept
    i get your point but most people wouldn’t wear these unless it was for an artistic purpose

  12. Rachael

    I like just as paper cut outs. They look a little silly to me as eyelashes.

  13. Raads

    @ Juliana: it’s not ‘a’ art concept. it’s ‘an’ art concept. and yes i know :D

  14. Kristen Blush

    These are fantastic! I will absolutely attempt this on a project. CocoRosie comes to mind. Thank you!

  15. Tiffany Lowry

    I want to buy some where can I do this????

  16. charley

    fun idea, but could you honestley stick them on urself??

  17. Michelle

    @ Tiffany Lowry:
    They sell them online in various stores. Just click the link up top.
    But I bought them for my prom because i am wearing a lacy dress! and I know its going to be really unique to have.:]

  18. sohpia

    Yeah right very funny! :D

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