Clocks made from Vinyl Records

Clocks made from Vinyl Records

Pavel Sidorenko, a talented designer from Estonia, creates unique clocks by laser cutting recycled vinyl records into familiar shapes.

RE_VINYL series of wall clocks gives new life to old music records.

Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Clock made from Vinyl Records

Clock made out of Vinyl

Cassette Wall Clock

Vinyl Record Clock

Vinyl Wall Clock

Record Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Shoe Wall Clock

Clock made from Vinyl

Rabbit Wall Clock

Chair Wall Clock

Music Wall Clock

Umbrella Wall Clock

Cool Wall Clock

Vinyl Clock

Gun Wall Clock

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  1. Azmi Cole Jr.

    it’s so cool…

  2. Senthil Balakrishnan

    It’s really amazing…

  3. Cory

    Love the penguin with the top hat

  4. Simplicity??

    Errr… not really impressed. Looks like something one would buy at a novelty store. But, if it makes you smile, then I guess it’s OK.

  5. James Anzalone


  6. falalala

    it does make me smile.

  7. Tucker

    You are destroying vinyl. I disapprove.

  8. Betty

    wonderful!! Wish I’d thought of it!

  9. Ira

    Wow, it’s vinyl maded by russian factory “Melodia”

  10. James Kieran

    poor Vinyl Records =( love them!

  11. Toasty O's

    How do you think they did the cutting? Perhaps one of those hot wires they cut foam with?

  12. Raads

    I think the fact that vinyl records have been made into clocks is a statement big enough–but then the records have been made into different things–well……….. but still.. they are very pretty :D

  13. Tony Abila

    Creative. Classic. :)

  14. Tim Tom

    I do have over 3 hundred vinyl,what a good way to recycle them. Thats brilliant. Unfortunately am not a artist

  15. dd

    is this art deco or art nouveau?

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