Mind Your Step 3D Illusion

Mind Your Step 3D Illusion

Amazing street illusion created by Erik Johansson looks like a large hole in the middle of Sergels torg public square in Stockholm, Sweden.

Creative illusion can be seen in person between June 7th and 12th, 2011.

Mind Your Step Illusion

Mind Your Step

Street Illusion

Pavement Illusion

3D Illusion

For more inspiration, check out: 3D Pavement Art by Edgar Mueller

  1. Victoria:)

    Wow! That is so cool!

  2. oliver

    amazing… i must try it… :)

  3. Jumanicus

    i love these kinds of illusions, watching all the -people play around on it, too bad u cn only c it from a certain angle, but hey thts wut ista all about ya kno

  4. We1n

    awesome !!!

  5. lili

    so much litter on the stairs!

  6. Mon Sun

    That is sooo cool I love how art can be playful to the eye!

  7. hesam


  8. Lars

    Erik just published a new video, really cool!

  9. Mukhtar

    Dear Erik,

    Absolutely Fantastic, I must admire your efforts, I have a suggestion for you that you should also work on miniature 3D products, and alonge with Photographs of your Epic projects, you can creat your exclusive musieum, where your admirers can visit and can also learn the art.

    If you do so please invite me to attend the opening ceremony.

    Best regards,
    Mukhtar H. Khan

  10. Christina

    I agree with Mr. Khan. :D Great work of art!

  11. Darrell

    Toxel’s had so many of these floor illusions. This one made me laugh. :)

  12. Hannah

    That is so cool i agree with oliver i have to try it

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