Heineken Cube Bottle

Heineken Cube Bottle

Innovative square bottle designed for Heineken beer by French industrial designer Petit Romain.

These eye-catching stackable bottles will easily fit into your refrigerator.

Efficient packaging will result in cost saving during transportation and storage. More shelf space for stores and less impact on environment.

Heineken Cube by Petit Romain

Square Heineken Bottle

Heineken Cube

Heineken Cube Bottle Concept

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  1. Gert

    I’d so buy those!

  2. Dominic

    Awesome design!

  3. POM

    I just can’t seem to get my hands around it, but for those of us who drink right from the bottle, AWKWARD.

  4. Flo

    Oh god, what is this?
    It’s cool but not for a beer bottle. How can you drink directly from the bottle?

  5. Argon

    The perfect molotov! )))

  6. Douglas

    Looks like a petroleum product. yum.

  7. jimbo

    somehow I miss the point. is there a savings for the manufacturer? the container’s looks and functionality seem to suffer for the end user. where is the gain? UCK.

  8. Noss

    Gain is in shipping since you can pack more square product on a crate than you can round product.
    This is why milk cartons are squarish.
    Problem is, sometimes square does not work with the end user. But… gimmicks work to raise sales for a short run. People will probably try it out.

  9. Elliott

    There might be a saving in terms of how many you can put in a package to ship. But the cost to produce will be way higher with the weird bottle shape. Worse yet, it will have an awful shelf presence and look way smaller than anything else.

  10. Max

    Why not make a canned beer out of glass (or any other environmentally friendly material) instead out of the usual tin/aluminum? This product design is a waste of time, effort and money for all parties involved.

  11. Rob

    Proper way to hold a bottle is by the neck so the heat from your hand doesn’t warm the beer. You can’t do that with this bottle unless you like warm beer.

  12. Sigma

    They don’t look too stackable to me, if you press down on the corner, the top one will easily fall off (worse the more you stack too)

  13. Ru

    I’ve seen a teapot very similar to this designed for cruise ships so it could stack easier with less chance of breakage.

    This bottle would work in some contexts, but it is kind of awkward. Maybe better for spirits than beer?

  14. E

    The concept is good, but maybe not from glass. To dangerous to be stacked. But it is right on the space saving, might not need beer crates with this.

  15. M

    you know the reason why drinks company don’t make round bottle instead “cube container ” , well , because it’s better

  16. Willem

    This remind me of a experiment of mister heineken years ago. He put beer in square bottles to be recycled as building blocks in 3th world. it failed, houses made of glass bricks are to hot to live in.

  17. Patrick Bateman

    “It’s Hip to be Square”

  18. Lewis

    This totally works! Makes too much sense not to. Why are these not being sold here? It saves the company money and dosen’t affect the product. Sell these in Canada!

  19. Shawn E.

    Add the saving for all points of sale, less space used in coolers and shelves. Makes sense to me…..

  20. Rey Hauksson

    I’d buy one of those… pour out the liquids and enjoy the bottle… very cool concept!

  21. Niyari

    a rectangular prism would work better overall.

  22. Szymon

    when and where to buy? :)

  23. remi

    nice, but whay not reusable?

  24. Mike

    If you drink enough of those and build a house of the bottles :p

    I kind of like it, but if i was on the move i would go for something else.

  25. Victor schamvre

    I live in Columbus Ohio how can I get my hands on different designed bottles of Heineken been a drinker quite a few years I love Heineken always have I am 55 years old been drinking it since I was about 18 I would love to have some of those cubes please let me know

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