LED Torn Lighting Concept

LED Torn Lighting Concept

Torn Lights by Billy May are designed to elegantly blend into your room.

The idea behind the design was to muddle the barrier between the room and its contents, creating the illusion that light comes from the room itself.

Torn Lights by Billy May

Torn Lighting by Billy May

Torn Lamp

Torn Lights

Torn Lighting

LED Torn Lights Concept

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  1. Megan

    Beautiful and saves space at the same time. Great idea!

  2. Karl Noelle

    I love this! A very clever idea, executed to perfection.

  3. unDave

    it looks great, the details are impeccable, the idea is original, and simple, wow, i mean, WOW!

    -by unDaveā„¢

  4. Danny

    Hmmm… looks nice if your house looks like the one in the picture, like you’re living in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I’ve never been in a house that chic before :P

    Nice, but kinda gimmicky too.

  5. hige

    last picture looks pretty dangerous, especially if you got drunk ;)

  6. jingpi

    nice,i like it

  7. Virginia

    Where would I read or do embroidery?

  8. Alec

    Love it!

  9. alex tass

    This looks awesome and it’s way clever!

  10. CrazyGentleMan

    Cool ,i like it !

  11. kkl

    really cool idea.
    only thing i can think of.. is.. How do i clean it…
    dust and dirt is gonna went into the tip of the torn… how to get them out…

  12. Lucky13

    How you change a lights when it stop working?

  13. Soul

    very nice and good idea
    Green Iran V

  14. pogfreak

    Hi, Billy May here with an amazing new product!

  15. Final

    too dark

  16. RL Creative

    Oh dear God….I want them…I really want them.
    So cool and innovative. Never seen such a creativity before :)

  17. Infoman

    BILLY MAYS????!!!! AND IF YOU ORDER RIGHT NOW, oh snap… Billy May.

  18. Tyron Bache

    Absolutely love it, simple yet effective!

  19. FoxyBoxers

    clever, but i think it looks like something out of a horror movie. like you woke up and youd be like “OMG MAH WALLS R RIPPLIN”
    pretty cool tho.

  20. waltimo

    WOW! Can I have this for my wooden walls?

  21. Julie

    Really cool idea but it’d just annoy me after a while and I’d want to go fold it into place :P

  22. ngboy

    I like the concept but it seems like you would either need a bunch of these to light the room well (or at least form me) and the fact that they are mostly flat most likely means that it isnt possible to fit a regualr sized bulb or change the bulb to your light preference. but still awesome idea. i wonder how noticable they are when turned off?

  23. vishee


  24. peter

    It might have been nice if the huge debt to Ingo Maurer’s Schlitz Up were to be acknowledged.

  25. amu-ka

    I love this idea! It’s true, that it may be a bit too dark, but as a part of lighting it will look amazing.

    There are no bulbs but LED’s

  26. Hoa

    way too brilliant!

  27. Justin

    What about the power supply? There are no wires/power cords… An LED bulb lasts 10 years so no need to change, but I don’t think they have a battery that lasts nearly long enough for this to work. That seems to be the Achilles heel to this project unless I missed something.

  28. James Anzalone

    Wow! that image of the bedroom..

    It creates this illusion that the wall is just a thin sheet that was frozen in place right before being unclipped from the ceiling.

    hmm.. Yeah this is great.

    the idea of making the wall seem so thing/light reminds me of “Palais Stoclet” by Josef Hoffmann..

  29. Anna

    This is absolutely breath taking, so stylish and chic. im totally in love.

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