Batman Hotel Room

Batman Hotel Room

Eden hotel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan has a room that looks like Batman’s cave.

Batcave room is equipped with Dark Knight themed bed, TV, paintings, lamps, and mirrors.

Bat-Signal is on the ceiling and Batmobile is parked in the corner.

Batman Hotel

Batman Cave Hotel

Batman Cave

Batman Cave Hotel Room

Batman Hotel Room in Taiwan

Batman Cave Hotel in Taiwan

Batman Cave Hotel Room in Taiwan

Batman Cave in Taiwan

Batman Hotel in Taiwan

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  1. Fillibert

    batman from the 70s maybe…

  2. Jani Khan

    Great place for Batman lovers.

  3. Sharyn

    Awesome! I love the Bat-theme and think it’d be a fun place to spend a night.

  4. Niyari

    I’d just stay there for the duration of my trip taking silly photos in Batman briefs

  5. mi

    this looks so fun

  6. Nora Muganhu

    This wat we call design at its best

  7. DQ

    Fraud! There’s no giant penny! Who’d stay in a Batcave with no giant penny?

  8. Masteroche

    Where is the Batbabe?!!

  9. Ru

    Super over the top, but very fun. Of course, Bruce Wayne has better taste than this ;)

  10. Gert

    Nothing says nerd like booking at the bat cave. lol

  11. karina

    Nerd’s paradise <3 love it.

  12. DDS

    Are all the rooms in the hotel this weird? Love the Bat-signal! :)

  13. Max

    I wonder what kind of kinky stuff goes on this room.

  14. S and Emily

    This hotel room is epic! I would so want to stay there! xD

  15. Mark

    This is soooo cool. Wish the tub could’ve been in the shape of the bat signal and lit up but wow, this would be awesome!

  16. one direction:P

    Perfect for Liam payne! I honestly think its really cool myself being a nerd.

  17. Karen

    Kinda creepy.

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