Beautiful Lamps

Beautiful Lamps

Polish artist known as Calabarte makes amazing table lamps out of hollowed and dried skin of the gourd fruit.

Wonderful patterns and designs intricately carved into the deeper layers of the shell allow the light to pass through. Because the shape of the fruit is determined by nature, each lamp is unique and one of a kind.

Cool Lamp

Bright Lamp

Calabarte Lamp

Gourd Lamp

Beautiful Lamp



Stylish Lamp

Crazy Lamp

Wood Lamp

Creative Lamp


Night Light

Modern Lamp

Dress Lamp

Carved Lamp

Amazing Lamp

Awesome Lamp

Unique Lamp

Wooden Globe

Globe Lamp

Calabarte Lamps


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  1. KKL

    OMG!!! these are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. sashimi

    awesome, but a little disgusting…

  3. brittany

    how are these disgusting..? they are so amazing!

  4. Niyari

    stunning patterns, do want.

  5. rins257

    wow! fantastic and awsome.

  6. Elliott

    I bet this guy’s house has amazing pumpkins at halloween, assuming they do that thing in poland.

  7. Shandya

    are they carved manually with hands? I mean, those curves, circle and pattern are so perfectly done.

  8. Aerwhyn

    2nd last one: They eye of Sauron

  9. nennejoh

    i want them… i want them i want them!!!!!!


    Muy cool

  11. Feer

    like like like

  12. Gert

    Now these are truly innovative and artistic. I love them!

  13. Mon Sun

    These are awesome although my first thoughts were that they look alien like.

  14. amu

    Finally I have the reason to be proud of being Polish!

  15. Lilia Smiles

    These are amazing! I just think it’s a little ominous and creepy to use inside a house. I can see how this can be used as a decorating element, but as a light it only works to provide ambience. Depending on how many holes there are and how big they are the brightness can vary.

  16. Betty

    These lamps are some of the most amazing and beautiful things I’ve seen on Toxel. Keep it coming!

  17. kadal

    these are amazing….want all !!

  18. douglas

    How is a gourd creepy? VERY, VERY cool.

  19. Dee

    “I just think it’s a little ominous and creepy to use inside a house.”

    Are you for real?

  20. Garrett Davis

    Shut up and take my money!

  21. TwinkleTinytot

    wow!! it looks amazing!

  22. cuneyt

    i really love it.

  23. magda

    the first thought was : WOW I want one, they are amazing.
    Propably its the firt time when Polish artist’s artworks are on toxel. Im so proud of it!

  24. Samir

    like + like – like = like :)

  25. flatsolid

    I feel they are somehow inspired by the indigenous art of Australia. They are like an alien seed…

  26. sauternety

    I really want one. Did I mention I really want one?

  27. Girish jasoria


  28. Lady Bee

    That looks amazing, but how in the world are you going to change the light bulb? *scratches head*

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