Inflatable Water Walking Ball

Inflatable Water Walking Ball

Water Walking Ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside to float, jump, roll and walk on water.

The water balls are very simple and easy to use – just open up the zipper, enter inside, blow it up, close the zipper and it’s ready.

Inflatable Ball for Walking on Water

Water Walking Ball

Walk on Water Ball

Inflatable Water Ball

Ball Lets You Walk On Water

Ball for Walking on Water

Air Ball for Walking on Water

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  1. izza

    I already try this.

    You only have to pay 70 cents to ride in this for 10-15 minutes.

  2. Pete

    Looks like fun!

    Well, except the whole lack of air, thing. :)

    Can you really do 15 minutes of (presumably) exertion in there without running low on oxygen?

    Can you unzip it from the inside in case of emergency?


  3. Sharyn

    That looks like great fun!

    Although I’ve got to agree with Pete about the lack of air… and I can’t help wondering doesn’t it get a bit stinky and slippery in there after a few people use it on a hot day? Maybe they hose it out between uses.

  4. kruione

    did you guys really have to suck the fun out of it?

    it’s really cool,
    i’d like to try it..

  5. Tom

    My wife wants one of these to put me in when I am sick. She likes thinking of me as her ‘bubble boy.’

  6. takpar

    it seems that the blue pipe’s role is to provide oxygen.
    also it is clear on photos that there is a Zip on it, and it can be opened from inside.

  7. Maj


    Well actually takpar, the ‘blue pipe’ seems to just be a rope that is used to haul in the ball (assumably when the user renders themselves unconscious from lack of oxygen). There is also no way to tell from these images if the zip can be operated from the inside.

  8. lea

    the blue rope is just a rope if you check out the link it says you need to change the air out every 20 mins

  9. Critical Eye


    Per the waterbal’s website, you need to change the air every 20 min. The pipe isn’t a snorkel.

    Seems like this would be a better if it was simply an inflatable globe structure, that allowed openings at regular intervals. This would provide free flow of air, and no heat build up.

  10. Daniel

    You may better use this *Zorbing* thing as it has a tunnel for getting in an out as also for air exchange.

    See Wiki

    Here in Germany you can buy events “for two” for about 45€ – 75€.
    I think this sounds better because it has two balls and the core is bounded to the outer skin with a lot of air tubes. My poinion is that these tubes can act like small shock absorbers. Running at TV advertisement some guys fall down a small waterfall without problems. Want one!

  11. Emmerzulu

    China is WAY ahead of you on this one. You can get into one of these things and play around on most lakes in Shanghai and Beijing … and likely other cities as well.

    Air’s fine but it gets toasty in there!

  12. arie

    They had these at the Incheon World Festival in Korea. Heard about these a lot before.

  13. Brian

    That looks like lots of fun.

    Of course, it’ll be pretty ripe in there after a few minutes.

    Forget lack of air: I’m just waiting for the inevitable lawsuits after a few get punctured and some idiots drown in them.

  14. timmay

    @izza, actually the ride is $10 for 3 minutes, it said it on the more info thing, but i like it alot i would buy it for my pool

  15. Kumar

    We can stay more than 15 mins in this ball…

  16. TheAL

    That is so cool. I would love to try that!

  17. Jae Xavier

    Another way to roll hard.

  18. izza

    @timmay: yes, its $10 for 3minutes in US, but not in Indonesia, its only 70 cents

  19. Pete

    I guess it just hits that part of my brain that has the instant “don’t put a plastic bag over your head” reflex :)

    Good to know it’s only 3 minutes.


  20. delere

    “I can’t *cough* breathe”

  21. Karin L.

    No thank you. I don’t want to land on my nose!

  22. Neil

    I saw some of these on a small lake last week, they look like fun!

  23. Nahid

    Wow this is like zorbing. Good one toxee!

  24. bowsprite

    Wow! that would be some view, if the bulbous bow of a huge ship simply pushed you away as it beared down upon you at 26knots…

    I wonder how this would fare under a rogue wave.

  25. pootoo

    Definitely dangerous to unzip to “get more oxygen” If you unzipped to get out “in an emergency” all the air pressure holding the ball open would whoosh out and you would get “vacuum sealed”; plastic pressed tight all around you water keeping it closed.

    To be safe you would want to have other people there to get you out during an emergency.

  26. pootoo

    It really is fun to float on the water like that though. I would do something similar with the lifeguards I worked with 15 years ago. We called it Bubble Diving.

    Once there was a hole in the plastic I was very glad the other people I was with also had the skills to keep me safe.

  27. tudor

    My 10 y.o. daughter enjoyed the bubble. For 10 miuntes there is enough oxigen inside.
    My 5 y.o. son declined to enter the bubble due to claustrophobia however still enjoyed wathing.
    It was a small kid-size bubble.

  28. unDave™

    I went on it and it was a very fun ride :D

    -by unDave™

  29. adkarta

    i always want to try those

  30. Auzy

    This scares the bejesus out of me! What if it deflates?? or leaks….

  31. Amy

    How do you breathe in there?!

  32. sanam

    i have already tried this it is really fun, but always wanted to know how do we breathe in there for 10 to 15 minutes and is it possible for us to breathe in there for more than 15 min.My question is how do we breathe in there for so long?

  33. bobo

    weeeeeelllll, I have sat and watched these for three days now. literally hundreds of people. not one deflated. not one pass out. not even one puker. the guy running the pool just banked about a cool g for a couple of days work. i’m way in

  34. amaysme

    I did this at the Mn State Fair. 3 min for 5 bucks. I am old and it wore me out but it was a blast. Best I could do was the hamster crawl. didn’t even try to stand up and walk. Gotta do it to say ya did. It did get a little warm but the water was cooler and helped keep the heat down. I did the math, about 63k for 10 days of work. Balls cost about 200 and removable pool, hmmm. Good bucks for safe fun.

  35. kat

    can u use that ball on land? or does it pop?

  36. nicole

    were can you buy one they seem really cool?

  37. Jessie

    We had a go of one of these tonight…so much fun…and it takes alot of energy so u would have to be really fit to be able to keep it going for 20 minutes before ud run outta of air…give it a go…so much fun

  38. lourie

    Seems like a accident waiting to happen! What if that thing blows off with someone in it and you can not get to them in time before the air runs out like children.I would never put a child in one of those death traps

  39. DangerMouse

    FACT – Air pressure is use to keep this thing afloat.
    FACT – If you use this anywhere the depth of water is more than say 3-4 feet and you get a puncture, person inside is going to drown, unless rescue (which would need to be damn quick and adept at dealing with a body vacuum packed in slippery plastic) is forthcoming.
    If I were going to try this, I’d take a folding knife in with me. I would not allow kids to do this anywhere other than a paddling pool of VERY shallow <3ft swimming pool under constant supervision.

  40. chelses


  41. Tisheer

    I have tried it. It’s really fun. The zipper can’t be opened from inside and the only oxygen you have is the amount used to inflate the air ball. That’s why they won’t allow more than 10-15 mins. Every sport has it’s share of risks. But the fact is that it’s actually worth it, running on water (or atleast trying to). It brings out childhood memories.

  42. kelly

    Has anyone tried to secure insurance for these floating balls? Like the “inflatable” jumping setups?

  43. Jozzz808

    Naysayers, go on with your pessemistic lives and get out of my way! Here’s my five bucks, I got next!

  44. darkdayshine

    yeah i dont know about insurance but i went in one of these yesterday and after the time was up after 10 min. of running i could breath but my lungs burned, and yes the blue thing is a cord,also no the zipper is not on the inside of the ball, and again no when u unzip the ball the air pushes out but kinda slow, anyway it still feels good to breath. ;-)

  45. stanley

    You can breathe and it doesnt get that hot in there because of the water well if the waters warm then its hot and its really fun to do my daughter son and my mum and dad and myself have all had a go and it is the best thing i ever done its well good!


  46. Toby

    Does anyone know an australian website that sells these ?? otherwise i have to get it shipped all the way from America…

  47. sarah

    they had this at the rodeo here in houston also … i forgot the price but it was also limited by weight – u had to be liek under 120 lb to ride it or somethign …

  48. Ty

    What’s the name of these.

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