Treadmill Bike

Treadmill Bike Concept

Treadmill Bike is an innovative fitness device that promises to revolutionize urban transportation.

Treadmill on wheels offers the same fat burning benefits as a conventional treadmill without the expensive gym membership fees.

Treadmill Bike

Treadmill Powered Bike

Treadmill Bicycle

Treadmill on Wheels

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  1. ajayjshah

    Neat concept. Although, I cannot help to think it’s somewhat contradictory of itself.

  2. Eric

    Wonder if the track would speed up when you are going downhill?

  3. Mumoftwo

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. If you want to walk – do it. If you want to ride a bike – do that. This invention just makes both biking AND treadmilling worse!!!

  4. archatas

    So cool, so practical. Want one immediately :D

  5. A Girl

    It’s really ridiculous! Besides, how would you balance yourself in only 2 wheels while running over that?! Stupid and badly thought project!

  6. dicey

    this will go nicely with my solar torch and silent alarm

  7. Doober

    Wow. It’s almost like walking for real!

  8. Mika

    Yeah, I can save a gym membership. But I could buy both a treadmill AND a bike for less then the cost of this thing. $2500.00 Canadian Dollars for this rubbish.

  9. GustaveCo

    Why don’t you just….run to where you need to go?

  10. Ben

    This has to be less efficient than running. Stupid

  11. Julie

    Has to be a joke. Watch the video, they’re all laughin!

  12. ajayjshah

    @Julie you have a great point as I didn’t watch the video my first time around, glancing through the post.

  13. Matthew

    Looks horrible.

  14. matt

    just a dumb invention, its large, unpractical and you look like an idiot

  15. Daniel Bidmon

    Very nice thing!

  16. Lee

    I agree, this has to be a joke!

  17. 2LV2


  18. John

    GREAT! Product! An amazing discovery! Must’ve been good fun working on it ;)

  19. bart

    Joke ?

  20. Aidan

    Ok it’s healthy, but only because you have to put in MORE effort for LESS speed, bit of a step back isn’t it?

  21. S0larus

    How ARE they balancing themselves?! Though its an interesting design, i don’t think it’ll get made for the obvious reason that most people either run or bike and not at the same time.
    i’m more interested in the treadmill/pc where you walk while doing stuff on the pc.

  22. V

    I sure hope this isn’t real because that has to be the most ridiculous device i’ve seen.

    Walk, run or bike. You don,t need anything fancy or pricey. Heck do some kind of other sport you actually like.

  23. Kirvi Inci

    It’s interesting???

  24. Mola Gola

    Ridiculous concept.

    And what’s with the spinning rims?

  25. Eric Jorgensen

    C’mon, it’s a joke! Get it?

  26. Den

    yeah, quite ridiculous, creative as a concept, but I don’t think it’s a good idea in practice…

  27. Sepehr

    Revolutionize ?!!!
    I don’t see any revolutionary thing in this thing!
    Why do we have to use it when we can walk normaly? :|

  28. tim

    10 for idea. Don’t really see the practical use for it unless you have to run thru puddles of poop )))
    It’s either run or bike or be ridiculous and ride THIS ))))

  29. a

    Dunno what they actually meant with this, but this absurd object can only be meant to mock the consumerit society and it’s adjoining capitalist system

  30. JT

    Couldn’t you just go for a jog?

  31. Danibobanny

    Wow, I’ve never seen a joke go whooshing over so many people’s heads at once like this.

  32. sfc

    it’s a joke people.

  33. kev

    or u could just run outside, dumbest idea ever!

  34. Jimmy Kredz

    Not only is the video clearly a joke, but if you’ll notice, the treadmill doesn’t even connect with the wheels. Their movement is purely based on the trajectory of their initial push, as the treadmill itself provides no propulsion to the bike.

    Although completely unsafe and impractical, given the right area with which to use this, I’ll bet it would be pretty fun to toy around with.

  35. Dr. Pete

    I believed it until “You can take it on the bus.” Um, no. It’s also funny that I didn’t see a single scene where the treadmill bike had to turn a corner :)

  36. Matt

    This is sadly not a joke they do sell for $2,500 Canadian. Google bicycle forest if you want to see their website.

  37. Dale Clark


  38. FT1P

    Why use this if you can just walk or run? Also, this causes unnatural movements and can damage your spine. Unfortunately, nice try, but bad concept for real.

  39. richruss

    I’m going to run out and get one right now….or maybe I should ride my bike to get one…..ohhhh I’m so confused. I wish I had one now so I wouldn’t have to decide which way to go out.

  40. mussman

    just jog, you dimwits.

  41. BV

    I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced, white, no-taste-at-all, bread :-)

    Great ‘invention’, great prototype, and I hope the video makers/riders had as much fun making the video as I had watching it :-)

  42. costumefly

    lame idea, if you ask me. Why not just run on the ground?

  43. JK III

    Usually, the “concepts” are cool and futuristic, but this one is pretty lame.

    I don’t understand how is it better than the conventional bicycle?

  44. mudisoft

    this is even cooler than a t-shirt with wolfs on it. even more universal chick magnet and the key to anyone’s personal development and success.

    after seeing the happy faces of the people using the treadmill bike, I now realize what the real and right way of urban transportation is. from safety to convenience – this is the ultimate solution!

  45. mudisoft

    We’ve had enough scepticism, Mr Jimmy Kredz! You don’t want to be a part of the next great revolution in transportation, that’s fine, but don’t try and change other people’s opinions with unproven made-up “facts”

  46. Phil

    WTF? I hope this is some sort of joke.

    “Oh look, I’ve invented a device that lets you move around places just by jogging!”
    “Uh… Fred, you can already get places by jogging, you know, by… jogging there.”

  47. raph

    It’s really stable?

  48. Toyama

    Haha the narrator is laughing/giggling while explaining this. Must definitely be a joke

  49. J

    This is definitely a joke. If you can’t tell that the track isn’t even what’s moving the bike, then you need better perception.

  50. hi

    This is F’n stupid as hell.

  51. JK III

    Toxel has a good (albeit subtle) sense of humor. :)

  52. JK III

    This is a practical illustration of the Xzibit Meme. (Google it)

  53. io

    If it had gears it might possibly have an advantage over walking. A saddle would also be good, and perhaps a redesign of the transmission to make it more efficient.

  54. James

    It’s a joke, right? Ha.

  55. Will

    Just imagine if you were to fall on it… Have you done that yet? Now imagine if you were to fall off of it going downhill… lol

  56. Almost there

    Why do people waste time & money just to come up with such rubbish! Out!

  57. Pearl

    I thnk it needs so much power.
    Important thing is Sustainability!!!

  58. teafreak

    Seriously? If you want to get out on wheels, ride a f*/#ing bike! Jeez, people.

  59. Alannah

    I really like this one!!! How do these ppl come up with these things??!!

  60. Alen

    This is by far the stupidest thing i’ve seen in a while.

  61. Tabbie

    I saw one of these given away on Wheel of Fortune! Until then, I thought it was a joke!

  62. jack

    Are you tired of using your legs to move “efficiently”… pst… Now you can do it with a conveniently huge device that will make things like stairs, rough terrain, bus rides, subway use, elevators and crowds a new and totally unnecessary challenge!

    This is a great example of some clever folk who applied their skills to a problem that didn’t exist.

  63. SAM

    Where can I find this?? I want to order one to Saudi Arabia

  64. Will

    Just curious if my insurance would cover the beatings I would get for actually riding this silly thing. Talk about embarrassing! Is this an SNL commercial? This is the “silly–of-the-year” product. Come on – import something ‘else’ from China to try to make your million dollars. This won’t work. The people seem out of breath as they ‘run’ on the treadmill just to get the thing to balance. And on the downhill??? I see a Benny-Hill thing going on there….

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