Gravity Bike

Gravity Bike

Glider inspired downhill bicycle, designed and built by Jeff Tiedeken, can reach speeds of more than 60 mph (100 km/h).

Gravity powered bike with custom made frame has no chain or pedals.

MLS Gravity Bike

MLS Gravity Bike by Jeff Tiedeken

Speed Bike

MLS Gravity Bicycle by Jeff Tiedeken

Gravity Bicycle by Jeff Tiedeken

Speed Bicycle

Speed Bicycle by Jeff Tiedeken

MLS Gravity Bicycle

Speed Bike by Jeff Tiedeken

Gravity Bicycle

Gravity Bike by Jeff Tiedeken

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    Isn’t this kind the same thing as a regular bike except it’s kind of useless? Probably won’t go too far on flat ground.

  2. John

    Its based on a regular bike but its not useless, could you cycle up to 60mph?… and it wasn’t designed for basic or commercial ground use as it doesn’t have any gears, chains etc. Thought the title’ Gravity Bike’ would give you an idea of what its designed for…
    I personally love this design, follows leans manufacturing and it looks great for a prototype, however I would hate to have my hands near that wheel when its reached higher then 30mph :/

  3. Pearl Lamie

    i’d like it better if someone designed a regular bike so you could flip off the gears/chain for downhill. Now THAT would be elegant!

  4. Kochtopf

    Does it have beaks? if not that would be one HELL of a hazard going downhill (cars and what not)

  5. chillaroo

    if you stop pedaling on a reagular bike you have a gravity bike

  6. Douglas

    Like the picture of the lean going into the turn. Some big ones there!!!

  7. John

    Pearl Lamie, if it could change into that idea then it won’t be as fast as it would normally be, idea of a gravity bike is too be as light as possible and to gain as much speed. I think people are missing the point here, its a gravity bike for downhill use, no breaks or gears or chains. Purely for speed and light weight use.

  8. Truly Spokin

    This is nothing new. GPV bike were done back in the 80’s on 20″ wheels. Converted bmx bikes mostly. But I believe Hutch sold a production model.

  9. Tom

    John, this thing does have brakes. It looks a lot like my racing bike i just to have when i was a kid.
    With a normal racing bike it’s pretty easy to reach 60km/h downhill.
    Probable fun to build, pretty useless compared to a normal bike.

  10. Fillibert

    cafe racer of bikes

  11. John

    Tom, haha sorry I didn’t notice the breaks, normally they don’t have breaks but for safety reasons for this one :D

  12. Enrico Martinez

    Baguio, Philippines has already Gravity Bikes, and made entirely of wood.
    The indigenous tribes has made their wooden gravity bikes (WGB) as a mode of transportation and hauling marketable goods from highland to the lowlands.
    Many WGB has carved images of lion heads and other ethnic designs, some of which are sold to foreigners.

  13. Biff

    If you take away the chain & pedals why not ditch the brakes too? That WOULD be simple elegance… If it is gravity based then making the rider wear thick soled shoes to stop would be no less inconvenient than requiring a gravity based route.

  14. Gert

    The people that think it shouldn’t have breaks have never tasted pavement from nailing a seemingly small bump.

  15. Edward Martinez

    For added protection;
    Wear the Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit
    While using this Gravity Bike.

  16. Ian Stone

    I used to race USCF cycling in the 1980s….with a 19 lb finely tuned road racing bike and in an aerodynamic position, you would easily see speeds up to 55-65 mph on mountain descents. I think the fastest I’ve gone is 68mph in a race. Pretty damn scary as I recall.

    So, while I think this design is super cool…and would be a great experimental toy and I applaud the designer….physics is physics: Newton’s second law applies. A 10 lb bowling ball rolls down the same hill at the exact same speed as a same size 30 lb ball of greater mass.

    Mass doesn’t determine the speed of a falling (or rolling) object. Drag and friction does.

  17. stephen

    I was wondering if the posture during the ride hurts your back (or anything else)? Also, does this bike only work going downhill? What happens when you come across an uphill, do you just walk it up?

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