12 Unique and Creative Bicycles

12 Unique and Creative Bicycles

Collection of the world’s most creative, strange, and unusual bike designs.

Shoe Bicycle

Todd Kundla created unique bicycle with wheels made of shoes.

Shoe Bicycle

Monster Bike

This is the most extreme custom bicycle you will ever see…

Grocery Bike

Bag bicycle was designed to help you transport your groceries.

Grocery Bicycle

Snow Plow Bike

Custom 3-wheel bicycle with sidecar and snow plow accessory.

Snow Plow Bike

Circular Bike

Nine recycled bikes were reassembled into a carousel formation.

Circular Bike

Toilet Bicycle

Toilet Bicycle


Two-wheeled concept bike designed to travel over land and water.


Chair Bike

Recumbent bicycle equipped with very comfortable office chair.

Chair Bike

Beach Bike

Custom bicycle with large tires made for traveling on sand.

Beach Bike

Shopping Cart Bicycle

Cartrider bicycle created by Korean designer Jaebeom Jeong.

Shopping Cart Bicycle

Surf Bike

Pedal-powered surfboard designed by Pierre Parant and his team.

Surf Bike

Horsey Bicycle

Amazing unicorn inspired bike designed by Eungi Kim from Korea.

Horsey Bicycle

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  1. Flavio

    The di-Cycle looks awesome

  2. Bob

    Shoe, Snow, Di, and Chair ftw!

  3. Shirley

    horsey bicycle =]

  4. Kevin

    I like the last one(Horsey Bicycle), It is so cool.

  5. shaDY

    unicorns are the best animals ever!!!!!!
    right next to grasss:)

  6. Petra

    Di-Cycle… definitely :)

  7. satisfy25

    The toilet…..what can you say…lol

  8. Darrell

    I wanna see the Monster Trike crush some of those tiny British cars!

  9. Mihir Panchal

    The Di-cycle.. I want one… and now!!!..

  10. Vitaliy

    I can see the snow-bike being hard to ride right after.. 2 feet haha These are excellent though! I want the chair bike =)

  11. Van

    okay. toxel, stop having something to do with toilets in almost every post. uncool. and plus, that snow plow bike was just something some dude made in his backyard. nonetheless, these were pretty cool.

  12. graftik

    creative showcase!

  13. Kian Erika

    Aww man, shopping cart bicycle, reliving childhood definitely! I kinda doubt the usefulness/long term fun for the Circular and Snow plow bicycle.

  14. baran

    circular bike is schizophrenic

  15. kadal

    i want a race using shopping chart bicycle

  16. Some random student......

    Lol, that is so cool!

  17. mia

    the one with the toilet is amazing!! just for long trips :)

  18. MasterOche

    Wow! Think about multitasking with tahat potty bike;It will save a lot of time… Lol!!!!

  19. Baang

    they should have merged the horsey and the circular to create a real carousel! :D

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