Emergency Tool for your Car

Emergency Tool for your Car

ExiTool is a useful gadget designed to help you escape from your car if you ever get trapped inside during an emergency.

Equipped with a seat belt cutter, a tungsten carbide window breaker, and an LED flashlight, this tool attaches to any standard seat belt. [buy]

Window Breaker

Window Breaker

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

Seat Belt Cutter

Seat Belt Cutter


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  1. luke

    nothing new… except it attaches to the seatbelt

  2. Stephanie Horn

    Yeah, it may not be the most revolutionary thing… but the fact that it’s attached to your seatbelt would definitely be helpful in an emergency. You wouldn’t have to fumble around on the floor or in the glovebox for a random tool.

  3. Rose

    Wow…Sally’s voice is REALLY annoying.

  4. Final


  5. evilunatic

    .what if, somebody bought just for stealing cars instead?. =____=”

  6. Karin L.

    Left up to most people, they wouldn’t spend to buy this valuable tool and in an emergency wouldn’t remember where they had put it. It needs to come standard, MOUNTED in its appropriate location for opotimum value.

  7. Scott

    Although I wasn’t thinking of it as a tool to make auto theft easier like evilunatic I was thinking about how pissed I would be if I had come back to my car after leaving it parked outside of a mall or a movie theater to find that someone had gone around taking out everyone’s windows for a bit of bad natured fun since its easier to carry around unnoticed as opposed to something like a bat or crowbar. I can see where it would be a useful tool but also in the wrong hands a major issue.

  8. delere

    My first thought is that I hope no one gets their hand caught on the blade while strapping in. Eek

  9. evilunatic

    haha. yea. Scott, i’ve kinda agree with u too. :D

  10. Chris

    You know a girl is going to catch her dress in that thing… or a guy’s tie. Its better to be sitting in the glove box or centre console.

  11. altissima

    Classic example of marketing ploy: creating a fear of a non-existent problem.

  12. william

    Not bad, if you remember to put on your gloves before breaking glass…otherwise, you are in for some major pain!

  13. George

    I’m going to say the unprofessional video made me not want to but this.

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